Spa and Pool Heat Pumps

Arctic Pool and Spa Heat Pumps

Arctic Heat Pump for pool and spa heating/cooling. North Americas only UL listed cold weather spa and pool heat pumps.

From $1749.00

Common uses for this equipment

Until now most spa owners were stuck with standard electric/gas heaters. With Arctic Spa and Pool Heat Pumps you can save up to 70% on you pool or hot tub heating bills. With a COP of up to 6.4 this means for every Kw you spend operating your Arctic Heat Pump you will gain 6.4 Kw of heat energy, netting you 5.4 Kw of Free Heat! This is substantially better than any gas or electric heater in the market.

Arctic units are the only pool heat pumps in North America that have been designed to work in cold weather. Features such as hot gas defrost and reversing valve ensure they can provide useable heat energy in temperatures as low as 20 F (-7 C).


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