Dryer Exhaust Caps

Seiho RCA and RCC Series Stainless Steel Dryer Vent Caps

Made from polished stainless steel for durability. Designed for exterior applications in dryer, bathroom, or kitchen exhaust venting.

From $31.80

Seiho SB and SFB Series Aluminum Dryer Vents with Backdraft Flapper

Vent caps suited to exhaust fan applications such as dryer, bathroom, or kitchen exhaust venting. Standard with flapper damper.

From $26.10

Seiho SFZ and SFZC Series Louvered Dryer Vent Caps

The SFZ and the SFZC dryer vents have large openings to reduce clogging. They are suited to exterior applications such as dryer, bathroom, or kitchen exhaust venting.

From $19.90

AirScape YD Series Covered Flapper Dryer Vent Caps

Large opening to reduce the chance of clogging. Flapper damper for back draft protection. Ideal for dryer exhaust use.

Metal Wall Hoods for Dryer Exhaust

Stainless steel, galvanized steel and copper walls hoods for dryer exhaust. These hoods have an external backdraft flapper but no bug screen.

From $27.00

Common uses for this equipment

Roof and sidewall dryer exhaust caps and covers. Used for capping dryer vent systems.


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