Fantech RVF Exterior Fans

The RVF models are exhaust-air fans for installation on external walls. The unit consists of an impeller with backward-curved blades and a casing in galvanized sheet steel with a white powder-paint coating. When installed on an exterior wall, all ambient noise is kept outside.

  • Galvanized steel housing features powder-coat finish
  • Fan can operate in high moisture, lint and dust laden air
  • Permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings
  • Five-year factory warranty
  • Energy Star, HVI certified, cSAus, cULus

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RVF 4 Fantech Wall Mounted Exterior Centrifugal Fan. For 4" Round Duct - 124 cfm 1 Day. In-stock $156.80
RVF 4XL Fantech Wall Mounted Exterior Centrifugal Fan. For 4" Round Duct - 193 cfm 1 Day. In-stock $166.40
RVF 6 Fantech Wall Mounted Exterior Centrifugal Fan. For 6" Round Duct - 242 cfm 1 Day. In-stock $172.80
RVF 6XL Fantech Wall Mounted Exterior Centrifugal Fan. For 6" Round Duct - 381 cfm 1 Day. In-stock $230.40
RVF 8XL Fantech Wall Mounted Exterior Centrifugal Fan. For 8" Round Duct - 435 cfm 1 Day. In-stock $262.40
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#1 Q:   Does this fan come in different colors? The fan would be mounted via 6 duct on an exterior wall approx. 10 ft. above the kitchen hood. How can a backdraft damper be installed?
A:   They come only in white, but likely could be painted to match the exterior of the home... Backdraft would be done in the pipe somewhere between fan and hood.

       Asked on 2015-03-08 by paul
#2 Q:   Does this fan have a back draft damper, if so how is it operated?
A:   No backdraft damper on this must be installed somewhere in the line.

       Asked on 2014-04-07 by David
#3 Q:   What is the sone noise level rating of the 2 - 4 inch RVF units? Thank you.
A:   There is no sone rating available as it depends on installation. with some ducting and distance they can be very quiet, alternatively, they can be quite loud if they just are open to a room.

       Asked on 2013-11-19 by Roger - Canada
#4 Q:   Due to house design restrictions I need to install on the outside of the attached garage, venting through the attic will be approx. 20 feet from range to fan. Will there be noise at the range end. Should I upsize the vent piping to 5 inch because of length. Thank you
A:   With that distance noise should be minimal, a silencer will always help as well. Would be advisable to run 5 inch to get maximum effort at the kitchen.

       Asked on 2013-11-10 by Roger, Canada
#5 Q:   In a straight, through the wall installation, how do these fans rate for noise?
A:   If there is only a grille on the intake right through the wall, the noise will be fairly noticeable. The larger the fan, the more noise it will make...typically that scenario is done when no other alternative is available.

       Asked on 2013-09-22 by Michael G
#6 Q:   Can this fan be controlled by a variable speed switch?
A:   Yes it can, make sure the switch is motor rated and has sufficient amp capacity for the model you choose.

       Asked on 2013-06-20 by Norm
#7 Q:   Is this a kitchen exhaust fan? Can it exhaust the air gathered in a kitchen hood?
A:   Yes it is indeed a kitchen fan. We do recommend a silencer to keep the sound level down.

       Asked on 2013-05-29 by Jacob
#8 Q:   How do I feed power to this fan? It there a cord on the outside?
A:   There is no cord on these, they accept a conduit on the back of the unit from the house power supply.

       Asked on 2013-04-04 by Quin
#9 Q:   Can these vent direct through the wall? I was thinking of putting a grille on the other side of the wall for my basement bathroom...
A:   They can vent through the wall, however due to no room for any attenuation device, it will be louder than most folks would like.

       Asked on 2013-04-04 by Arek

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