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Wiring: 1 fan serving 2 baths with 2 FD 60EM timers (1 per bath).

This How To focuses on applications where a single bath fan is ventilating 2 (or more) bathrooms and there is 1 FD 60EM electronic timer in each bathroom. The 2 timers are wired in parallel.

The 2 FD 60EM electronic timers are wired in parallel so that either timer will turn ON the common remote fan. Both timers have to be off (time expired) in order for the fan to be turned OFF.

The diagram below shows the most common wiring for the 2 timers. Note that each of the electronic timers is wired to both hot and neutral wires. The most common mistake we see with these timers is the neutral not being connected to the timers. The unused Red/Yellow wire on each timer is capped off.

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Diagram courtesy of Systemair Inc.

Parts List:
Other than the typical HVAC and wiring items, you will need the 2 FD 60EM timers. Simple as that.

Timers:   Electronic timers

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