Dwyer Products

Pressure Controllers

Dwyer Series DH3 Digihelic Differential Pressure Controllers

3 in 1 instrument possessing a digital display gauge, control relay switches, and a transmitter with current output.

Current Sensors and Switches

Dwyer Series CCS Current Switches With LED Visual Confirmation

These self-powered switches can be hung or tied directly to cables or wires. LED indicators. Both fixed and adjustable set points are available.

Dwyer Series CCT40/50/60/70 Current Transformers

Low cost alternative for measuring power and monitoring the operation of motors. 60/70 series provide true RMS outputs on distorted AC waveforms.

Dwyer Series SCS Current Switches With Optional Relay Output

Ideal for monitoring fans, pumps, or motors. The current flowing through the corepowers the circuit without an external power supply. Optional 10 Amp relay.

Flow Switches and Meters

Dwyer Series FS-2 Vane Flow Switch

Economical flow proving solution. Custom set points. Paddles are adjustable to fit 1" to 8" size pipe.

Dwyer Series PFT Paddlewheel Flow Sensor

Paddlewheel flow sensor used to monitor liquid flow rates in pipes from 1-1/2 to 40" with just one size adjustable sensor.

Freeze Protection

Dwyer Series DFS Low Limit Freeze Protection Switch

Protects coils in air handler systems by preventing frost build up on the coils. Senses the lowest temperature along any 1' section of capillary.

Humidity Transmitters

Dwyer Series RHP DUCT Humidity/Temperature Transmitter

DUCT MOUNT. Voltage or current humidity transmitter output with a temperature thermistor output. 2% or 3% accuracies.

Dwyer Series RHP OUTDOOR Humidity/Temperature Transmitter

OUTDOOR MOUNT. Voltage or current humidity transmitter output with a temperature thermistor output. 2% or 3% accuracies.

Liquid Level Transmitters

Dwyer Series CFS2 Cable Float Switch

Mechanically actuated floating switch intended to activate electrical components, usually pumps, to start and stop automatically.

Dwyer Series PBLT2 Submersible Level Transmitters

Measure the height of liquid above the position in the tank referenced to atmospheric pressure. Consists of a piezoresistive element in a 316 SS housing.

Dwyer Series SBLT2 Submersible Level Transmitters

Perfect for ground water wells, lightning protected. Measure the height of liquid above the position in the tank referenced to atmospheric pressure.

Dwyer Series ULT Explosion Proof Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Reliable, accurate, non-contact measurement of liquid levels. Unit is FM approved explosion-proof making it ideal for use in hazardous locations.

Pressure Switches

Dwyer Series 1831 DPDT Low Differential Manual Reset Pressure Switches

DPDT switch with manual reset. Combines small size with 4% set point repeatability. No power is required to operate the DPDT switch.

Dwyer Series 1900 Compact Low Differential Pressure Switch

For air and non-combustible compatible gases. Set points from 0.07 to 20" w.c. (1.8 to 508 mm). Set point adjustment is easy with range screw.

Dwyer Series ADPS HVAC Differential Pressure Switch

Designed for pressure, vacuum, and differential pressures. Available with settings from 0.08" w.c. (20 Pa) up to 20" w.c. (5000 Pa).

Dwyer Series DX Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Switches

Wet to wet differential pressure switch. Differential set point ranges are available from 2.5 to 75 psid on increasing DP and 1.0 to 67 psid on decreasing DP.

Dwyer Stainless Steel Static Pressure Tips And Accessories

Pressure sensor tips and accessories. Straight and hooked.

Pressure Transmitters - Gas

Dwyer Series 616KD Differential Pressure Transmitters

Cost-effective, compact transmitters that reduce up front costs as well as expenses over the life of the product.

Dwyer Series MS Magnesense Differential Pressure Transmitter

Versatile transmitter for monitoring pressure and air velocity. Field selectable English or metric ranges, field upgradeable LCD display.

Pressure Transmitters - Liquid

Dwyer Series 628 Industrial Pressure Transmitter

Ideal for OEM's with 1% full scale accuracy sensors. The transmitter is also available in the general purpose stainless steel housing and the cast aluminum conduit housing.

Temperature Sensors

Dwyer Series TE DUCT Temperature Sensors

Used to monitor air temperature throughout a building management system or an air handler unit. Flanged duct sensors provide a thermistor or RTD output to the digital controller.

Dwyer Series TE-OND and TE-RND Outdoor Temperature Sensors

TE-OND can be used to protect against low levels of radiated heat. The TE-RND radiation shield models can be surface or pipe mounted.

Dwyer Series TE Thermowells

Thermowells for TE immersion temperature sensors.

Dwyer Series TE-WSS Stainless Steel Wall Plate Temperature Sensors

Measures the ambient air temperature. By having a flush mount design, the temperature sensor can withstand a wash down. Stainless.