Tjernlund Products

Pressure Switches

Tjernlund PS1503 Positive Air Flow Pressure Switch

The Tjernlund Duct Airstat senses positive pressure in a forced air heating and/or cooling system. Single pole, single throw, snap-acting switch. Typically used to activate boosting fans.

Draft Inducers and Chimney Fans

Tjernlund AD-1 Auto Draft Fan for Wood Burning Stoves

With the AD-1 Auto-Draft your hard starting stove draws immediately. No smoky back up even with moist or hard to ignite types of wood!

Tjernlund In-Line Vertical Vent Draft Inducer Systems For All Fuels

Tjernlund In-Line Vertical Vent Draft Inducer Systems For All Fuels. D-3 and DJ-3 Inducers and UC1/PS1505 accessories.

Tjernlund RT750H/RT1500H Rooftop Inducer Fans for Solid Fuel Applications

The solution for maintaining negative pressure in the entire chimney or stack system. Use with SOLID FUEL fireplaces, stoves, ovens, BBQs, boilers.

Exhaust Fan Controls

Tjernlund Switch-It Wireless Controls

Wireless controls for switching booster fans or heat transfer fans such as AireShare products.

Inline Air Booster Fans

Tjernlund DB2 Duct Booster for Rectangular/Round Ducts

The DB-2 DUCT BOOSTER is designed to increase the flow of heated air in warm air heating systems, or cooled air in central air conditioning systems. For round or rectangular ducts.

Power Venters

Tjernlund HS Series Side Wall Power Venters

Side wall venters for residential/light commercial natural gas, LP or oil fired equipment including: furnaces, boilers, water heaters and unit heaters.

Room-to-Room and Register Boosters

Tjernlund AireShare ASLL Level-to-Level Ventilator

The AireShare Level to Level Ventilators distribute air from one conditioned space to another such as from one level of the house to a room on another level of the house.

Tjernlund AireShare Room to Room Ventilators

Make hot and cold rooms more comfortable. This room to room ventilator is installed in a wall cavity and pulls air from one room to transfer to another.

Basement Ventilation

Tjernlund X2D Reversible Basement Ventilation Fan

Ventilate smelly, musty basements! The XCHANGER fan is the economical and simple way to automatically eliminate basement odors and reduce humidity.

Crawlspace Ventilation

Tjernlund Crawlspace Ventilators

Used to help reduce excess moisture that causes mold, mildew and wood rot. 1 fan model will ventilate up to 1650 cubic feet. 1 and 2 fan models available.

Radon Fans

Tjernlund RMS160 Radon Mitigation System

The Radon Vacâ„¢ provides an effective and affordable way to reduce radon levels in existing homes. The unique system consists of a plug-in fan and exterior hood.