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AirFlow Boosting

Booster fans installed either in the duct or at the grilles to eliminate low air flow problems. This category also includes draft inducers and power venters.

Grilles & Registers

Top-of-the-line grills and registers from Dayus, TruAire, Steelcrest and others in standard and custom sizes. Filter grilles, bar linear, cube core, t-bar, perforatedm spiral, louvers and dampers.

Air Handlers

Air handlers for heating and cooling residential and small commercial spaces. Heat pump, DX, and hot water heating configurations.

Attic Fans & Vents

Attic fans are used to remove hot air from attics. Available in electric and solar versions.

Bathroom Ventilation

Super-powerful and super-quiet, our inline bathroom kits are way ahead of the usual all-in-one solution. We’ve created kits for most popular configurations.

Booster Pumps

Booster pumps for residential and commerical applications.

Crawlspace-Radon Ventilation

Radon fans for replacement or new construction. Perimeter crawlspace ventilators.

COVID-19 Mitigation

Covid-19 aerosol mitigation and safety related products. HEPA filters and air purifiers.

Condensate Pumps

Pumps for removing condensate generated by minisplits or a/c units.


Clothes dryers with long or convoluted ducts may need a dryer booster fan. For problem runs, you will notice an accumulation of lint.


Fans. Fans. Fans. Inline, ceiling mounted, dryer booster, garage and basement ventilation, radon, high pressure, booster fans, draft inducers.

Filter Boxes

Inline filter boxes. MERV 6 to MERV 15 and HEPA. Flat, V-Bank and B-Bank configurations.

Filters & HEPA

Need a filter? We have standard efficiency to ultra high MERV 15 units in-stock! HEPA inline filter boxes now also available.

HRVs and ERVs

HRVs (heat recovery ventilators) and ERVs (energy recovery ventilators) used to provide fresh air and improve air quality in modern construction houses. Meet ASHRAE 62.2 in an energy efficient manner!

Floor Heating

Heated floors for the whole house! Electric under tile or laminate heating systems. 120 and 240 VAC.

Indoor Air Quality - IAQ

Building a new home or remodeling, we sell a host of products to address health concerns, from HRV's, ERV's, air purifiers and durable filters in all shapes and sizes.

Kitchen Exhaust

Mass market range hoods generate lots of noise, yet deliver woefully inadequate ventilation. We can help you build a system that makes cooking a joy with sleek looks and pro performance.

Makeup Air

Makeup air systems for residential applications. Used to ensure that the kitchen exhaust system does not depressurize today's tight homes.

Mini-Splits & Heat Pumps

Mini-split A/C and heat pump units. Outdoor condenser units and indoor wall or ceiling mounted air handlers.

Pumps & Instant Hot Water

Saves water, energy and time — all at once — with an easy, economical retrofit that works with existing plumbing systems.

Solar Air Heating

Stand alone solar air heaters that provide air heating for your home, cottage or business. Air is heated by passing through a collector and pushed by a fan into your home or building.

Tankless & Flue Venting

Stainless Steel Flue pipe mostly used for tankless water heaters. (Category 3)

Thermostats and Fan Controls

Residential and light commercial thermostats for controlling heating and cooling equipment. Also fan speed controllers, timer and switches.

Title 24 Products

Products applicable to California Title 24 building regulations.

Whole House Fans

A whole house fan can provide effective, natural cooling that is 90% more energy efficient than AC.
"Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it" - Mark Twain

Wildfire Smoke Control

Air purification products for wildfire smoke control. HEPA filtration systems for removing fine particles associated with wildfire smoke.

Ventilation Accessories

Accessories for ventilation systems.

Zoning and Zone Dampers

Zoning systems, panels, bypass dampers and zone dampers.

Expert Resources

System Builders

Easy-to-use visual guides that take you step-by-step to design the optimum solution for kitchen ventilation and bathroom ventilation.

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HOW-TO Articles

Get expert advice on ventilation and home energy savings topics such as:

  • bathroom fan selection
  • how to achieve the quietest kitchen exhaust system
  • tankless hot water heaters
  • server / home theater cooling
  • duct sealing
  • dryer booster fans

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