Lifebreath Commercial ERV Energy Recovery Ventilators

Lifebreath light commercial Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) are the best choice for ventilating your large home or workplace. These units are designed to provide fresh air into the building while exhausting an equal amount of stale air to the outside. Energy including moisture is transfered between the airsteams reducing the loads on the heating and cooling equipment while delivering the air comfortably and quietly into the space.

An ERV is designed for use in warm humid areas with heavy air conditioning use. The ERV will transfer both sensible and latent heat from the incoming fresh air to the outgoing stale air thereby reducing the load (due to ventilation) on the air conditioning system.

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330 ERV Lifebreath ERV. 270 cfm @ 0.6 in. w.g. 3 speeds, low profile cabinet with service access from either side. No wall controls included. 4-5 Weeks $2786.70
530 ERV Lifebreath ERV. 550 cfm @ 0.6 in. w.g. 3 speeds, compact cabinet. No wall controls included. SHIPS FREIGHT. 4-5 Weeks $3720.00
730 ERV Lifebreath ERV. 680 cfm @ 0.6 in. w.g. 3 speeds, compact cabinet, 2 total energy cores for max performance. No wall controls included. SHIPS FREIGHT. 4-5 Weeks $3746.70
1230 ERV Lifebreath ERV. 1200 cfm @ 0.6 in. w.g. 3 speeds, 3 total energy cores deep in a compact cabinet. No wall controls included. SHIPS FREIGHT. 4-5 Weeks $5206.70
99-BC02 Lifebreath controller. 2 speed fan setting, standby, unit On/Off, dehumidistat. Compatible with wireless timer 99-DET02. 1 Day. In-stock $50.00
99-DET01 Lifebreath optional 20/40/60 minute timer. Initiates high speed operation for 20, 40, or 60 minutes. 1 Day. In-stock $30.00
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lifebreath commercial 330 erv specs

lifebreath commercial 730 erv specs

lifebreath commercial 1230 erv specs

lifebreath erv series

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Lifebreath ERV Energy Recovery Ventilators

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) for ventilating your home or workplace. Energy including heat and moisture is transferred between the air steams.


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