Dampers & Louvers:

Dampers are available in motorized and gravity operated versions.  Motorized (motor driven) dampers are typically used in applications where a very tight seal is required or when the damper has to operate against air pressure such as closing off a zone.

Gravity dampers are typically installed in the horizontal fan exhust applications.  Vertical gravity dampers are commonly called shutters.  Gravity dampers do not have motors and require air pressure/air flow to open.

Louvers are used on air intake or exhaust where protection from water infiltration is required. They have fixed blades that do not close so if the application requires air shutoff, a combination damper/louver is recommended.

Solutions: dampers and louvers


Motorized as well as gravity dampers/shutters. Available in aluminum, steel, fibreglass and plastic.


Exterior louvers. 1, 2 and 4 inch frame depth. Custom sizes as well as standard stock available.

Access Doors

Steel access doors for ceiling and wall applications. Very useful when you need to leave behind the wall access to a fan, electrical, or valve.


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