Pressure Transmitters - Gas

Setra MRC Multi-Range Critical Differential Pressure Transmitter

Setra MRC differential pressure transmitter for critical environments. Multi-range selectable.

Setra MRG Multi-Range General Differential Pressure Transmitter

Setra MRG differential pressure transmitter. Multi-range selectable.

Setra 264 Low DP Transmitters

Setra Model 264 Very Low Pressure Transmitters.

Setra 265 Low DP Transmitters

Setra Model 265 Very Low Differential Pressure Transmitters

Setra 267 Pressure Transducer

Setra Model 267 Pressure Transducer

Setra 269 Very Low Differential Pressure Transducers

High accuracy / performance, very low differential pressure transmitters for critical environments. Available in a din rail or base mount versions.

Neptronic SPD Differential Pressure Transducers

NEP differential pressure transducer. 1 to 5 inches w.c. multiple ranges available.

From $79.10

Greystone LP3 Series Low Pressure Transducer

The LP3 Low Pressure Transmitter can be used to measure positive, negative or differential pressure in the ranges of 1.00" W.C. to 20" W.C.or 250 to 2000 Pa.

From $142.10

Greystone ULP Ultra Low Pressure Transducers

Ultra Low Pressure Transmitter is used to measure differential pressure in the ranges of 0.125" W.C. to 1" W.C. (30 to 250 Pa).

From $245.00

Setra SRPM Secure-Sense Room Pressure Monitors

Setra SRPM Secure-Sense Room Pressure Monitors. Single room monitor.

Setra SRCM Room Pressure Monitors

Setra SRCM Room Pressure Monitors. Multi room capability. Great for hospitals, labs, clean rooms.


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