Spot Coolers - Water and Air Cooled

In general, a spot cooler is similar to an air conditioner. Your home air conditioner has 2 parts: The evaporator (cold side) is inside your house and the condenser (hot side) is outside. A spot cooler is a 1 piece (self-contained) air conditioner with the evaporator and the condenser both contained in the same cabinet. The evaporator discharges the cold air through nozzles on the unit and the hot condenser air is typically discharged through the opening on the top or back of the unit.

A spot cooler can be turned into a more standard air conditioner by ducting the condenser air outside (away from the space being cooled) through the use of an optional condenser ducting kit.

How do portable air conditioners work?

Air/water-cooled portable air conditioners are intended to be rolled into a room near the source of the heat. For spot cooling applications, you point the nozzles at the spot that you want to keep cool. For room cooling applications, the nozzle direction is not as important.

Since the air conditioner is inside the space requiring cooling, you must remove the heat that is produced by the air conditioner. For air-cooled units you must duct out the warm air that the air conditioner produces. In an office environment this is typically done by ducting the condenser air from the top of the unit up to special ceiling tile that directs the air to the main building cooling system's return air plenum above the ceiling tiles. Water cooled units use water instead of air to remove this heat. These units require a water supply, water return, and a place to drain condensate.

What is the difference between air and water cooled units?

Both types of units are totally self contained air conditioners with refrigerant and compressors. Air conditioners need a way to reject the heat from the room. Air-cooled portables use air to reject the heat out of the room by ducting the unit above the ceiling tiles. A water cooled unit uses water to reject the heat. So, there has to be a water supply and a hot water return. This can be accomplished with chilled water loop, condenser water loop, or process water loop.

Why a KoldWavespot cooler?

With more than 60 years of experience, Koldwave is an industry leader in reliable portable spot cooling solutions. Koldwave spot cooling units are among the industry’s most rugged, designed to take all the abuse your customers dish out. Simple to set-up, the units stand up to any challenge—all the time, every time—giving your customers 24/7 reliability, and your business 24/7 customer repeat-ability.


Spot coolers - Water and Air Cooled

Spot Coolers Air-Cooled

Air cooled spot coolers. Used in instances where spot, supplemental, or emergency cooling is needed. Nozzles aid in directing the cold air where required.

Spot Coolers Water-Cooled

Water cooled spot coolers. Used in instances where spot, supplemental, or emergency cooling is needed, but ducting for condenser air is unavailable.

Portable Air Conditioning Units

Air-cooled portable air conditioning units. Cooling/heating or heat pump options. Available trailer mounted.



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