Rooftop Exhausters Downblast

S&P SDBD Downblast Direct Drive Roof Exhausters

Series SDBD downblast direct drive centrifugal roof exhausters. Suitable for either ducted or nonducted applications. UL705.

From $427.00

Canarm Leader SD Direct Drive Downblast Spun Aluminum Exhausters

Spun aluminum casing. Direct drive downblast configuration. ETL listed for compliance with UL 705 & UL 762 standards.

From $505.70

Canarm Leader ALX-DD Downblast Direct Drive Spun Alum Exhausters

Downblast direct drive spun alum exhauster. Can be used as either a roof top or wall mount exhaust fan. Available with EC Motors.

From $438.20

Canarm Leader ALX-DB Downblast Belt Drive Spun Alum Exhausters

Downblast belt drive spun alum exhauster. Units up to 24" can be wall mounted. For exhausting air from restaurants, offices, warehouses, etc.

From $968.10

Canarm Leader 300DD Series Direct Drive FC Roof Exhauster With ECM

Direct drive roof exhauster. Forward curved. Complete with ECM motor and speed control.

From $1043.30

S&P LPD Rooftop Exhausters

Ultra low profile direct drive centrifugal roof/wall exhauster. Suitable for either ducted or nonducted applications. UL705.

From $393.50

Fantech 5DDD Series Direct Drive Downblast Roof Ventilator

Direct-drive downblast ventilators for low to moderate static pressure conditions. All models are UL 705 listed.

From $343.00

S&P SDB Downblast Belt Drive Centrifugal Roof Exhausters

Belt drive units used for the exhaust of relatively clean air from a wide range of commercial, industrial and institutional environments. UL705.

From $766.00

S&P ARE Direct Drive Rooftop Exhausters

Series ARE dome direct-drive propeller exhaust roof ventilators. An excellent choice for applications where light to moderate static pressures are present.

From $814.30

S&P RCXII Rooftop Gravity Relief Vents

Series RCXII gravity relief/intake ventilators. Used to exhaust (relief) or supply (intake) air from or to an enclosed area without the need for a power operated fan.

From $137.90

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