Airtec Series GR and GRD Low Clearance Ceiling Grilles - No Boot

Model GRD Diffusers: Combine both the grille and damper of the one-piece MV model, but without the boot. Designed for side or bottom enrty into conventional metal duct fabrication.  Plastic construction. Standard 8" size only.

Model GR grille onlyGrilles are available in both standard MV and Retro styles.  Both styles are available in both 8" and 6" size. Plastic construction. No damper.

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GRD3 Airtec 3 way low clearance grille with damper. 11-3/8 inch square face. [81943] 1 Day. In-stock $28.44
GRD4 Airtec 4 way low clearance grille with damper. 11-3/8 inch square face. [81944] 1 Day. In-stock $28.44
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#1 Q:   Do you have the GRD2 in stock
A:   The GRD2 is discontinued. No more stock.

       Asked on 2021-05-01 by RG
#2 Q:   Can you completely and quietly turn the air flow off with these grills?
A:   Its close to completely. You might get some leakage around the damper.

       Asked on 2021-05-01 by RG
#3 Q:   Is the damper removable on the GRD3?
A:   On a one time basis, yes. I dont think it could be removed and replaced...

       Asked on 2020-12-20 by Bob
#4 Q:   Do you have gr3 in stock?
A:   The GR3 has been discontinued. Sorry.

       Asked on 2020-11-29 by Dade
#5 Q:   Can these grills be used with a metal box or does it need to be used in conjunction with the boot it normally comes with
A:   The GRD are designed for side or bottom entry into conventional metal box duct fabrication.

       Asked on 2020-09-29 by Bradford
#6 Q:   Can these vents be closed some if too much heat coming into specific room? Thanks
A:   The GRD do have an operable butterfly damper that would allow for closure, full or partial for blocking a room or modulating a system.

       Asked on 2020-01-05 by Lisa
#7 Q:   Do these come with screws and clips? Or is it just the grille?
A:   These do indeed come with screws.

       Asked on 2017-04-21 by Renovating in NJ

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