TRUaire 1010MAR/MAS Series T-Bar Lay In Perforated Return and Supply - Fibreglass Back

1010MAR/MAS Features :

  • Face: Perforated steel / white powder finish
  • Back: Fiberglass molded plenum / Seismic support tab. R6 rated.
  • MAS (Supply) Model: 4 way directional air control blade


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1010MAR TRUaire 1010 series t-bar perforated return grille. R6. 2x2 return. Box of 4. 5-6 Days $218.60
1010MAS TRUaire 1010 series t-bar perforated supply grille. R6. 2x2 supply. Box of 4. 5-6 Days $225.10
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1010mar dimensions

1010mar dimensions

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#1 Q:   What size replacement filter will the grille use?Does the grille have a hinged face for access?
A:   These are not filter grilles. They are return air grilles where there is a central filter elsewhere. Have a look at filter grille at the bottom of the list here:

       Asked on 2017-10-03 by WILLIAM

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