KoldWave 5KK30 and 6KK37 Air-Cooled Portable Air Conditioners

When you need something a little more powerful, the 5KK30 and 6KK37 air-cooled portable air-conditioners deliver the supplemental cooling you’re looking for. These units are simple to install and operate, offering customers a cooling capacity of 29,000 BTU/HR (5KK30) and 37,000 BTU/HR (6KK37). Rugged yet quiet, the air-cooled 5KK30/6KK37 perform well in just about any application, including emergency cooling in hospitals or data centers.

• Spot-Cool / Room-Cool Thermostat Settings
• Internally Insulated with Fiberglass Insulation
• Directional Nozzles (3)
• Heavy Duty Twin Wheel Casters for Portability
• Optional Easy Install Condensate Pump Kit
• R410A Refrigerant
• 20 Amp Breaker (5KK30), 30 Amp Breaker (6KK37), 230/1 Phase
• Approx Cooling Area of 754 sq. ft for the 5KK30 and 1076 sq. ft for the 6KK37


model description usually ships price QTY
K5KK30BGA2AA00 KoldWave air cooled spot/room cooler. Model 5KK30. 29,000 BTU/H cool, no heat. 230V/1 Phase. 3 directional nozzles. Pls call for availability $3682.10
K6KK37BFA0 KoldWave air cooled spot/room cooler. Model 6KK37. 37,000 BTU/H cool, no heat. 230V/1 Phase. 3 directional nozzles. 2-3 Days $4736.60
KSA057-0073 KoldWave optional condensate pump (230V). 2-3 Days $315.30
KSA076-4006 KoldWave optional remote controller (26 ft with line). 2-3 Days $195.30
KSA076-4007 KoldWave optional 16 ft remote temperature sensor. 2-3 Days $25.50
KSA076-3645 KoldWave optional 16 inch condenser duct kit with ceiling panel. 2-3 Days $340.80
KSA076-3635 KoldWave optional 12 inch ducting kit with ceiling panel. For condenser. 2-3 Days $256.10
KWPCFLT-02E KoldWave filter. Evaporator (Vinyl Chloride). For 6KK21 and 5KK30. 2-3 Days $13.50
KWPCFLT-03C KoldWave filter. Condenser (Aluminum). For 5KK30. 2-3 Days $29.60
KWPCFLT-03E KoldWave filter. Evaporator (Vinyl Chloride). For 6KK37. 2-3 Days $16.60
KWPCFLT-04C KoldWave filter. Condenser (Aluminum). For 6KK37. 2-3 Days $34.80
KSA076-4017 KoldWave optional return air plenum. 2-3 Days $391.20
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KoldWave 5KK30 Specifications

KoldWave 6KK37 Specifications

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KoldWave 5KK30 Accessories

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#1 Q:   Dear Sir:I saw you 6KK37 portable AC unit and was hoping you could answer a few questions for me.1. What is the diameter of the AC air outlets?2. What is the outlet pressure (in inches of WG) of the AC air?3. This 6KK37 model comes with three AC outlet. Do you offer an adapter to replace these three outlets with a single outlet?
A:   The outlets are 5 inch (5.2 inches outer) diameter. There is no rated outlet pressure published for these units. There is no adapter to convert to a single outlet. Sorry.

       Asked on 2020-05-04 by Craig

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