Smoke Mitigation Systems

Commercial Smoke Mitigation Systems

Commercial on-demand smoke mitigation system. MERV 13, MERV 15 or HEPA level filtration.

From $1700.00

Residential Smoke Mitigation Systems

Residential on-demand smoke mitigation system. MERV 13, MERV 15 or HEPA level filtration.

From $880.00

Common uses for this equipment


Permanent on-demand smoke mitigation systems allow you to filter air whenever needed.

These systems are designed using MERV 13, MERV 15 or HEPA level filtration to recirculate air in the home or workplace without straining your existing HVAC system. They feature pre-filters set into the intake grille to allow easy changing of the pre-filter from the living or work space.

Standard HVAC systems do not have the high filtration or offer enough airflow to properly filter out smoke in the air. For areas with recurring smoke seasons, installing a permanent solution that provides superior filtration and more air exchanges per hours will help rid the interior air of smoke particles whenever it is needed.

With an installed permanent system, you can always be ready to clean the air when smoke season hits. The use of a system will not stress any other existing HVAC systems in the building.MERV 13 and greater filters all help to capture smoke particles and clean the air. Some areas or types of structures will require a certain level of filtration.

If you have specific guidelines you need to meet, give us a call at 888-855-7229 and we can build you a custom kit.


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