Vortex Powerfans S Series Ultra Quiet Inline Fan

The S-Series are ultra quiet, low profile mixed-flow fans.  They feature plastic construction with a double insulated wall to prevent condensation and reduce noise level.  The integrated backdraft damper prevents air leakage when the fan is not in operation.

  • 6 ft power cord included
  • Mixed flow impeller for quiet operation and high air flow
  • Integrated backdraft damper
  • Rubber gaskets in ensure air tight and vibration free connections
  • 10 year warranty
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S-600 Vortex Powerfans S-Line. Includes integrated backdraft damper and power cord. 340 nominal CFM. For 6 inch ducts. 1 Day. In-stock $209.00
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vortex s series


S fans

Vortex S Fan Video:


Catalogs and IOM:

Catalog (PDF file)

Installation Manual (PDF file)

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#1 Q:   The VTX 600 will not fit between rafters for makeup air. Can I use this fan that will fit, paired with ZC 206 damper? Can both be controlled by 1 current sensor Greystone or is a separate current sensor required for each?
A:   Sure. General purpose fan. The S600 and S800 will be under 2 amps so you can use a single current sensor (2.5 amp capacity).

       Asked on 2021-07-18 by Rob
#2 Q:   Where is this fan manufactured?
A:   China.

       Asked on 2021-05-16 by Dusty
#3 Q:   Can this be used for an inline bathroom or shower exhaust fan?
A:   Yes, rated for bath applications.

       Asked on 2020-05-22 by STEVEN
#4 Q:   Im looking to use the S-1000 in my attic to increase air flow to a room on the first floor that is constantly warm in the summer with the a/c running. You state that the max temp is 140F. Not sure how hot my attic gets in the summer, would this fan be ok in this environment?
A:   The 140 F refers to the maximum airstream temp. The motor would overheat if the air being blown through the fan is over 140. Your airstream temps will be far below that. Its fine to be installed in the attic.

       Asked on 2020-04-09 by DK
#5 Q:   with 711 cfm what is the psi rating before burnout
A:   Assuming you are referring to the S-800, 711 cfm is with 0 static pressure. Not sure what burnout you refer to. Here is the catalog with pressure charts: https://www.hvacquick.com/catalog_files/Vortex_S_Catalog.pdf

       Asked on 2020-01-27 by Philip
#6 Q:   Is this fan suitable for residential cooking air (greasy) post-filtration/grease-trap?
A:   Not recommended. There are passages in there to reduce sound that will clog with grease.

       Asked on 2019-12-12 by Nick
#7 Q:   How is the fan speed controlled? Remotely or is there a knob on the unit. I expect, once I get the speed adjusted where I want it - I will not need to change it.
A:   The fan does not come with any speed controls. You can wire a speed controller like the WC 15 (https://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/AirFlow-Boosting/Exhaust-Fan-Controls/Fantech-Speed-and-Fan-Controls) to modulate the speed remotely. If you want a fan with a speed controller built in then take a look at the AC Infinity inline fans: https://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/AirFlow-Boosting/Inline-Air-Booster-Fans/AC-Infinity-CLOUDLINE-Inline-Fans-With-Speed-Controller

       Asked on 2019-06-10 by Ed
#8 Q:   Is this fan rated for the ventilation of corrosive materials? Acids?
A:   It is not. Clean air only.

       Asked on 2019-05-20 by Matthew
#9 Q:   Can I purchase some type of switch that turns it on due to change in temperature or senses flow to start fan? I dont want it to run constantly.
A:   You can use a pressure switch like the PS1503: https://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/AirFlow-Boosting/Pressure-Switches/Tjernlund-PS1503-Positive-Air-Flow-Pressure-Switch

       Asked on 2018-10-22 by George
#10 Q:   Is it safe do use with explosive gasses?
A:   NO. Not for use with explosive gasses. Have a look here: https://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/Fans/Explosion-Proof-Fans

       Asked on 2018-10-10 by Scott
#11 Q:   What type of decibels can I expect from these units?
A:   Vortex does not publish any noise specs for these because no testing standards exist. All the inline fan manufacturers refrain from publishing them. These are quieter than standard inline fans, but far from silent. Insulated flex duct is required to remove all the fan noise.

       Asked on 2018-06-19 by Zach
#12 Q:   Which pressure switch is recommended for this fan?
A:   For activating a booster fan use the Tjernlund PS1503: http://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/AirFlow-Boosting/Pressure-Switches/Tjernlund-PS1503-Positive-Air-Flow-Pressure-Switch

       Asked on 2018-03-13 by MB
#13 Q:   Can these be used in an outdoor application?
A:   These have to be protected from the elements. They are not meant to be mounted outside without weather protection.

       Asked on 2018-03-12 by DC
#14 Q:   What is the CFM for the 10 model?
A:   Nominal CFM is 1082. Please have a look at the Specs/Pictures tab for a chart of CFM vs static pressure. Thanks.

       Asked on 2018-01-08 by JLE
#15 Q:   Can these run continuously?
A:   Yes, these are rated for continuous duty.

       Asked on 2018-01-05 by Mike
#16 Q:   What additional parts would I need I get to control the speed ?
A:   5 amp or higher rated speed controller like the WC 15 or 6637-PW http://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/Fans/Exhaust-Fan-Controls/Fantech-Speed-and-Fan-Controls

       Asked on 2017-12-01 by Tim
#17 Q:   Can a hose attach to the blower. If so what size.
A:   These are meant to work with standard HVAC ductwork. Typically insulated flex duct. For the 6 inch fan you need 6 inch duct, etc.

       Asked on 2017-02-05 by Michael
#18 Q:   The fan comes with a 6 power cord. Can the unit be hard wired into a panel instead of using the cord?
A:   Yes, you can certainly hardwire the fan.

       Asked on 2016-01-05 by Brian
#19 Q:   Can you recommend a speed controller for the 8 fan?
A:   The Fantech WC 15 or SCD 5 will work just fine. Only difference is appearance.

       Asked on 2015-10-05 by Eric
#20 Q:   To install in existing duct work, does it only require cutting away the length of duct to slide the fan in and then hose clamping the two duct ends to the fan?
A:   Correct. Dont forget power or a way to activate the fan.

       Asked on 2015-07-25 by Brighton
#21 Q:   What is the CFM of the 6 s series?
A:   The S-600 is 347 CFM nominal.

       Asked on 2015-07-23 by Manhattan
#22 Q:   Is this fan explosion proof?
A:   Nope. NOT explosion proof. Search for Canarm Explosion Proof Fans on the site.

       Asked on 2015-03-17 by Dustin
#23 Q:   Can this inline fan be used for residential Kitchen Range Hoods exhausts?
A:   Not recommended, as the passages in the fan that help with sound will eventually plug with grease.

       Asked on 2015-02-09 by NK
#24 Q:   The s line has a 10 year warranty! Who backs that? Do you replace or is there another process? Will it require proof of purchase?
A:   The manufacturer backs the warranty. We typically assist with the warranty process. We keep records of sales but proof of purchase is not a bad idea just in case.

       Asked on 2014-10-16 by G
#25 Q:   Can I use this fan to vent a home brewery.There will be no cooking just steam from the boil.
A:   The fan has a temp limit of 140 degrees, so long as you are under that, should be no problem.

       Asked on 2014-08-09 by Jesse
#26 Q:   Can the S Series turn on automatically when the HVAC starts blowing?
A:   With an add-on pressure switch, or if it is wired to the AHU, then yes.

       Asked on 2014-08-08 by Chris
#27 Q:   Do you have Db or Sone figures for these fans? How does the sound from this unit compare to that of the S&P TD-SILENT Series?
A:   Very similar to the Soler Palau, which we measured at mid 50s in dBa.

       Asked on 2014-04-30 by Mike
#28 Q:   Can the RPM be controlled on the Vortex S Series Ultra Quiet Inline Fan?
A:   These fans are speed controllable.

       Asked on 2014-03-21 by Lorne
#29 Q:   Can this fan be mounted in any direction?
A:   Yes it can...

       Asked on 2014-03-18 by Nick
#30 Q:   What is the air temperature rating of the Vortex S Series? Is it suitable to use as a inline duct booster for heating and cooling?
A:   They can handle up to 140F.

       Asked on 2014-03-02 by Joe

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