Aldes Ventergy Series MPVS Multi-Port Ventilators

Ventergy® Series Multi-Port Ventilators (MPVS) can be used for central, continuous exhaust ventilation of bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and other rooms where humidity is a controlling factor. The multi-port design, coupled with powerful-yet-efficient motors, allows a single MPVS fan to quietly exhaust two-to-four spaces. By eliminating the need for multiple exhaust fans, the MPVS makes it possible to have a single exterior exhaust penetration. 

• Low power consumption
• Condensation-proof IAQ lined cabinet
• Whisper-quiet operation
• Compact dimensions
• Single exterior penetration
• Easy-to-access motor / impeller

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aldes mpvs120 fans

aldes mpvs150 fans

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#1 Q:   What speed controllers are compatible with the MPVS ventilators?
A:   You can use the WC15 rotary speed controller or the 6637 slide controller:

       Asked on 2017-01-17 by John
#2 Q:   How quiet is the MPVS100-424 and MPVS200-424 (sones)?
A:   HVI (Home Ventilating Institute) does not have a procedure for testing sound on inline fans so none of the inline fan companies publish specs. Per Aldes: A remote-mounted inline fan, or exterior-mounted exhaust fan with a minimum of 4 feet of flex duct between the fan and intake grille, does not require a sound rating (1 sone or less).

       Asked on 2017-01-05 by Scott
#3 Q:   The MPVS 200/424 says it has three 4-inch ports. Are all three of these 4-inch ports for incoming air and is there an additional 6-inch exhaust port?
A:   This model has 3 incoming air ports and 1 6-inch for exhausting the air outside.

       Asked on 2016-12-13 by JL

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