S&P WA And DA Propeller Fans

The S&P COMPACT WALL and DUCT AXIAL FANS feature, as the name suggests, an extremely compact design created by the combination of an external rotor motor matched with a direct drive wrap around an impeller hub. This very low profile design optimizes airflow performance while minimizing noise generation. Both wall and duct mounted versions require an absolute minimum depth for any given wall, ceiling, panel or in-line duct mounted installation.

The COMPACT WALL AXIAL FANS are designed to be installed directly into sidewalls, ceilings or panels. The COMPACT DUCT AXIAL FANS are designed for installation within ducted systems where the fan is supported on both sides.

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WA12 S&P Wall Axial Direct Drive Fans. 12 inch wall mounted axial. 1260 nominal CFM. 2-3 Weeks $347.50
WA16 S&P Wall Axial Direct Drive Fans. 16 inch wall mounted axial. 2430 nominal CFM. 2-3 Weeks $409.50
WA18 S&P Wall Axial Direct Drive Fans. 18 inch wall mounted axial. 3690 nominal CFM. 2-3 Weeks $450.10
WA20 S&P Wall Axial Direct Drive Fans. 20 inch wall mounted axial. 4520 nominal CFM. 2-3 Weeks $505.60
DA12 S&P 12 inch tubular duct axial. 1216 nominal CFM. 2-3 Weeks $422.00
DA16 S&P 16 inch tubular duct axial. 2540 nominal CFM. 2-3 Weeks $464.10
DA18 S&P 18 inch tubular duct axial. 3620 nominal CFM. 2-3 Weeks $505.60
DA20 S&P 20 inch tubular duct axial. 4750 nominal CFM. 2-3 Weeks $539.60
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S&P DA Dimensions

S&P WA Dimensions

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#1 Q:   What speed control would be correct for the WA 16?
A:   Under 3 amps power draw so you can use the SP 2525.5UL or the Fantech WC 15 speed controllers which are rated at 5 amp max.

       Asked on 2021-10-21 by Jim
#2 Q:   What type of motor? EC?
A:   Motorized impeller. Not EC.

       Asked on 2020-09-02 by Rob
#3 Q:   Can I get a longer belt so I can mount the motor farther from the fan?
A:   These are direct drive - motorized impellers. There is no belt.

       Asked on 2014-12-17 by Ron
#4 Q:   What speed control and thermostat would be correct for the DA 16 and DA 18 ?
A:   Any mechanical thermostat with contacts rated for the fan V/wattage. For speed controller, use the SCR-10 which is 10 amp rated: http://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/AirFlow-Boosting/Exhaust-Fan-Controls/S-P-Fan-Speed-Controllers-Thermostats-and-Timers

       Asked on 2014-10-21 by Sammy
#5 Q:   Does the WA Series come with a guard? Thank you
A:   There is a finger guard on one side only. More can be ordered however,

       Asked on 2013-06-23 by Tom

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