Blade 1 and 2 Inch Electrostatic Filters

Blade electrostatic filters are the best option in HVAC systems and buildings where enhanced air quality is required but a HEPA filter is not practical. Electrostatic filters remove harmful microparticulates that traditional filters do not, making them the ideal filtration solution.

Utilizing active polarization fields to bind the really tiny particles together that standard filters let pass.

  • Captures particles 40x smaller than standard filters
  • 2x longer-lasting filter replacement
  • Zero ozone generated
  • 70% sustainable breathable lofted glass fibre
  • Compatible with all 1" and 2" furnace filter slots and available in standard and custom sizes

Please contact us with your required size.

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PRO FILTER - 1 INCH Blade electrostatic 1 inch filters. Fits all 1 inch intakes, returns & furnace slots. Call us to specify the required size. 3-4 Days $272.00
PRO FILTER - 2 INCH Blade electrostatic 2 inch filters. Fits all 2 inch intakes, returns & furnace slots. Call us to specify the required size. 3-4 Days $454.00
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Blade ESF electrostatic filters

Blade ESF electrostatic filter specifications

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