Laing E1 and E3 Series Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

Laing Ecocirc E1 and E3 Series Energy Smart Pumps (Replace SM Series). Designed with the highly efficient electronically commutated permanent magnet motor (ECM technology), the revolutionary pump consumes less energy while delivering an added variable speed technology that offers further power savings. AB1953 compliant.

- Saves 68% electricity compared to a standard circ pump
- Highly efficient ECM Technology
- Long lasting, silent operation
- Maintenance free: shaftless and sealless
- E3 has higher flow for use in larger houses (over approx. 2300 sq.ft.)
Standard Laing Factory Warranty.  See Laing for more info.


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E1-BCSFNRNW-01 Laing E1 series hot water recirculation pump (no timer). 1/2 inch sweat connection. 6 foot power cord and adjustable thermostat included (95 to 158 F). REPLACES the SM-303-BSRW & E1-BCSNRN1W-06. PART #60A0G3002. 1 Day. In-stock $309.00
E3-BCSVNNNW-01 Laing E3 series hot water recirculation pump (no timer). 1/2 inch sweat connection. 6 foot power cord included. Replaces E3-BCSVNN1W-11. PART #60A0G1002. 1 Day. In-stock $343.00
E1-BCUFNRNW-01 Laing E1 series recirculation pump. Includes power cord, adjustable thermostat (95-158 F), built-in ball and check valve, 1/2 inch sweat union connections and bleeder valve. REPLACES the UC-303-BRW. PART #60A0G3001. 1 Day. In-stock $374.00
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  Laing system diagram:

Dedicated Recirculation Line System

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#1 Q:   What voltage is the e1-bcsvnn1w rated for? My existing pump is 110-220.
A:   Your existing pump will have a suffix of -3W, that designates 100-250V operation. The -1W is 100-130 VAC only.

       Asked on 2020-11-06 by tim
#2 Q:   I have a Model: SM-303-BTCW 1/2 Part # 9013 Serial# 324860 Max Fluid Temp 230FMax Pressure 150 PSIWhat pump do I need to replace this one?
A:   Per Laing: New Part # LHB08100085, New Model # E1-BCTVNN1W-06

       Asked on 2019-05-18 by Brian
#3 Q:   I have the Laing SM-303-BTR, that was manufactured in 6/2005 that I need to replace. It has a 110/120 electric line wired into the bottom of the pump. What would be the recommended replacement for this pump?
A:   The closest recommended replacement is the E1-BCTNRN1W-06.

       Asked on 2018-10-23 by RJB
#4 Q:   I have a SMT-303-BT manufactured in 4/93. I need to replace and I have a recirculating line from the farthest point and taps into the bottom of the water heater. The pump was connected at the bottom before it goes into the bottom of the water heater. What is the current model ?
A:   The new model # is E1-BCTVNN1W-06. The old model (SMT-303-BT) was sold with timer. New models are less timer so you have to order the LHB08260001 in addition.

       Asked on 2018-10-20 by Ron
#5 Q:   I have a Laing STM-303-BTW 1/2 Recirculating Pump with timer. What is the replacement model# ?
A:   You would purchase the E1-BCTVNN1W-06 and the accompanying timer LHB08260001 to fully replicate it...If the home is larger than 2300 Sq Ft we do recommend going up to the E3 version, though the timer is the same.

       Asked on 2014-10-19 by Randy
#6 Q:   If the E1-BCTVNN1W-06 do not have a built in check, is it necessary to install one? If so, does matter if the check valve is before or after the pump?
A:   No check valve and yes you should install one. Its typically installed between the pump and the water heater. Please see page 3 of the install manual (BS pumps):

       Asked on 2014-09-28 by Charlie
#7 Q:   What is the difference between sweat and thread type pumps?
A:   This refers to the method of connecting to the pipe.

       Asked on 2014-05-13 by Ciaran
#8 Q:   Im considering the E3-BCSVNN1W-11. Does this model come with a check valve?
A:   There is no check valve on these units.

       Asked on 2014-05-03 by RogerC
#9 Q:   I have a sm-303-bs that needs replace do you still make this model
A:   That model is no longer produced, but the E1, E3 version should pop in to the existing housing, depneding on age of the unit.

       Asked on 2014-04-08 by LErmitage Condos
#10 Q:   If my SM303-BT is humming and hot but no hot water in the line, does this mean its bad? If so, would this be why there is no hot water in the back of my house running off this line?
A:   If it is humming and hot, it does sound as if the pump has failed. Luckily, the new units fit the old housings, so changing to a new one is a snap.

       Asked on 2014-03-10 by Jason in Oklahoma
#11 Q:   I have a SMT-303-BT that makes a humming sound but doesnt seem the move the hot water only about 3 inches up the line. Im guessing the pump is bad. The part number is # 8924. If I replace the pump, will my timer fit the new unit?
A:   I am unsure about the timer fitting the new ones, but the new ones fit the existing casting for an easy swap.

       Asked on 2014-02-24 by Don, South Carolina
#12 Q:   I have a LAING SMT 303-BSW with a timer that has gone out. Our house is 3200 square feet. Which pump would I get and does it come with a timer?
A:   The E3 would be the best replacement and would pop right into your existing housing. A timer is available on that same page that the pump is available on.

       Asked on 2014-02-17 by Dave
#13 Q:   I see on the diagram that there is a Y fitting before the water heater. What is this fitting and what does it do. Is this fitting necessary.
A:   That would be where the dedicated return joins the line ahead of the heater to feed the water back into the system. If that is not present, there likely is no dedicated return which means you would need the E1 Autocirc for retrofit under the farthest sink.

       Asked on 2014-02-12 by DSA
#14 Q:   I have sm-303-bsw. What would be the direct replacement?
A:   The E1-BCSVNN1W-06 for homes less than 2300 square feet, the E3 version for homes larger than that.

       Asked on 2014-01-09 by Mike
#15 Q:   I want to use my own switch, and not the timer. The pump will be quite far from my shower, so i am hoping to create a remote switch that I can use to turn the pump on before i shower. Am I able to use my own switch and attach it similarly to the way the timer attaches?
A:   You would better served by the Metlund Demand system in this instance...these are low flow and will take some time to deliver the hot water.

       Asked on 2014-01-07 by Robert
#16 Q:   I have an autocirc E -1 smt series btw-1/2. The motor hs gone out can i replace it with a Laing ecocirc E/1? Does this pump work the same way as my old one?
A:   You can indeed put the motor on the existing housing for a quick, painless installation. Works exactly the same as well...

       Asked on 2014-01-07 by Lee Lilly
#17 Q:   I have a smt-303-bsw that runs for a while then turns off for a while but today it has stopped and hasnt come back on. Does this sound like a timer problem or a motor problem? All the pins on the timer are set right but it wont come on even in the ON position. The house is 2212 sq. ft. so Im thinking of stepping up to the E3. Whats your thoughts on this
A:   If it wont come on with the switch in On, then it likely has died. I would go with the E3 for that size house, luckily, that new motor will fit the existing plumbing portion for an easy install.

       Asked on 2014-01-04 by Rick M
#18 Q:   Does the speed control dial on the E3 Laing recirc pump increase the speed with higher number setting? What is the ideal speed set for a 3100sf house? Thanks for your help.
A:   It does increase the higher you go, I suppose the Eco setting would be best as it works in the background so upfront speed isnt an issue.

       Asked on 2013-12-17 by Williamsburg, VA
#19 Q:   I purchased the E3 Series and it has a dial on the motor with a 1 to 7 scale. Does the scale refer to a thermostat setting in Celsius or motor speed?
A:   That dial is a speed control.

       Asked on 2013-12-01 by Dave G. in Arizona
#20 Q:   I am about to order the E1-BCTVNN1W-06 Laing Recirc Pump with adj spd motor. Does it come with the standard or ultra circ housing? If the standard one, what is the cost of the Ultra Circ housing and its part number? I am also interested in having the check valve in the system. Is the check valve really necessary in a dedicated return line?
A:   We only carry the standard housing and a check valve is strongly recommended.

       Asked on 2013-11-27 by Sam L
#21 Q:   I have a model SM-303-BTV pump which needs to be replaced for a home of 2500 sq. ft. plus. I believe I need the E3 series, but which version, sweat or thread? Also, I would like a timer unit, but the info page indicates the timer is a Field Add-On. Does this mean I will need a professional to add-on the timer unit, or is the job something I can perform myself?
A:   The you number provided would indicate a thread version, though the new motor will go on to the existing bronze casting. The timer is plug and play and could be added easily at any time.

       Asked on 2013-11-18 by Jeff
#22 Q:   I have model #SM-303-BT 1/2, Part #89800, Laing Pump. It is corded and has no timer. What part replaces this pump and do you carry that part. Thanks.
A:   The direct replacement for that pump is E1-BCTVNN1W-06. It will even mount to your existing casting for a painless install.

       Asked on 2013-11-05 by C. Bishop
#23 Q:   Can the pump itself unscrew from the brass top on a SM-303-BSW? If it does, do you sell only the pump?
A:   It can be removed from the casting, however motors only have not been available for some time, a new pump must be purchased.

       Asked on 2013-10-26 by JSH
#24 Q:   What is the replacement for SMT 909 BSW-14-3/4; HP 1/50; RPM 3450;Watt 65; Amp .06?
A:   The closest volume wise would be the E3, but it still doesnt do what the 909 did. Currently, there is no direct replacement for that pump however.

       Asked on 2013-10-12 by Steve
#25 Q:   I have a Laing Model UC-303-BW, HP 1/150, RPM 3450, Watt 33, AMP .03 that has failed. Could I use the pump on model E3-BCTVNN3W-11 with the existing housing for the 303? The existing housing has a check valve.
A:   The factory indicates that should bolt right on to your housing.

       Asked on 2013-08-10 by Rich
#26 Q:   I have a model SM 303 B I believe the impeller need replacement, can I still purchase that part and what is the cost?
A:   When they introduced the new version a couple years ago, they elected to cease selling parts. Some suppliers may still have stock, but we sold out years ago.

       Asked on 2013-07-31 by mike milligan star valley contractors
#27 Q:   I have an SM-303-BS that needs replacement. What is the model to replace it and can I replace it without having to take the housing offline?
A:   The E1BCSVNN1W-06 would be the one, unless the home is over 2200 square feet, then the E3 is the one. Both those will fit the existing housing.

       Asked on 2013-07-29 by Bill
#28 Q:   What is the replacement for an SM-303-BSC 1/2. Re circulation pump? installed in 1998.
A:   The E1BSCVNN1W-06 would be the closest as it is a sweat connection. The new pump should pop right into the old casting for ease of the swap.

       Asked on 2013-07-27 by Robert
#29 Q:   have SMT-303-BSW WITH TIMER. pump makes noise and needs replace. what model should i go with E1 or E3--as home is 7,000sq ft? assume can just screw in repacement unit to fitting? thanks.
A:   Definately the E3 for a home that size and it will indeed screw right in as they have not changed the casting.

       Asked on 2013-06-17 by steve
#30 Q:   I have a Laing circulating pump that needs replacement the number on the one I have is SMT 303-BTW. Specs are HP 1/150, 3450 RPM and 33w and 3 amp. What replaces this and is the timer included?
A:   The direct replacement is E1-BCTVNN1W-06. Timer is additional, but this will pop right into your existing housing as they never changed that.

       Asked on 2013-06-04 by Jay

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