Fantech MUAS Residential Makeup Air Systems

The Fantech Makeup Air System (MUAS) is a "powered" or "fan-forced" system, which is triggered when the compensated exhaust system is energized: the motorized shut-off damper opens and the MUAS fan is powered on. The MUAS fan is automatically speed-controlled relative to the speed of the compensated exhaust system fan’s speed. In other words, as the exhaust fan’s speed is increased and decreased the MUAS fan’s speed is automatically controlled so that the makeup air flow compensates the exhaust air flow rate proportionally.

  • MUAS provides the EXACT amount of air needed - no more, no less
  • Particulate matter is filtered from the outdoor air before it is delivered to the home
  • Since it is fan-forced, makeup air can be ducted to where it can be most suitably delivered to the home
  • Cold outdoor air can be tempered with optional MUAH heater kits
  • MUAS can be set up by the installer for a variety of pressure schemes: slightly negative, slightly positive, or balanced
  • Complies with the International Residential Code (IRC) for kitchen makeup air requirements

Your climate zone might necessitate a heater for the delivery of makeup air into the building. The optional MUAH heater may be chosen separately, if desired.

Each MUAS includes the patent-pending FMAC controller, which provides the automatic operation of the makeup air system. While the compensated exhaust system is operating, the makeup air fan supplies air at a rate necessary to maintain the desired building pressure scheme as set up by the installer. The makeup air flow rate automatically and infinitely varies proportionally with the speed at which the exhaust is operated by the homeowner. The FMAC includes a current transducer, system controller, transformer, and a NEMA electrical enclosure.

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MUAS 750 Fantech 750 CFM Makeup Air System. Contains FMAC controller, FML8 intake hood, ADC8 shut-off damper, FGR8HV filter cabinet, PrioAir 8 EC fan, LD8 silencer, 2 pairs of FC clamps. 1 Day. In-stock $1799.00
MUAS 1200 Fantech 1156 CFM Makeup Air System. Contains FMAC controller, FML10 intake hood, ADC10 shut-off damper, FGR10HV filter cabinet, PrioAir 10 EC fan, LD10 silencer, 2 pairs of FC clamps. 1 Day. In-stock $2249.00
MUAH 8/6 Fantech 6 KW Inline Duct Heater package. Includes SDHR 8-6K duct heater (8 inch) and FC clamps. Use with MUAS 750. 1 Day. In-stock $772.10
MUAH 10/10 Fantech 10 KW Inline Duct Heater package. Includes SDHR 10-10K duct heater (10 inch) and FC clamps. Use with MUAS 1200. 1 Day. In-stock $807.00
MUAH 12/10 Fantech 10 KW Inline Duct Heater package. Includes SDHR 12-10k (12 inch) duct heater and 1 pair of clamps. Use with MUAS 1600. 1 Day. In-stock $1102.90
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#1 Q:   What is the maximum distance tested from transducer to controller for Fantech MUAS Residential Makeup Air Systems?
A:   Per the factory 18 gauge wire should be good for 80 feet maybe more.

       Asked on 2024-01-22 by Eugene
#2 Q:   What are the electrical requirements for the Fantech 6 KW Inline Duct Heater? Thanks!
A:   The MUAH 8/6 input current is 25 A at 240V.

       Asked on 2022-04-27 by JE
#3 Q:   How can this be adapted to provide make-up air in multiple locations? For example, for a hood, dryer and central vac?
A:   Not really. It only has 1 sensing current switch (installed on exhaust fan) which it uses to control the makeup air fan. There is no option for multiple current switches.

       Asked on 2021-07-10 by Idaho
#4 Q:   how do you size the system?
A:   Generally to match the kitchen hood CFM. From Fantech: Select the Makeup Air System with capacity to compensate for the maximum air flow rate of the exhaust system being served.

       Asked on 2015-11-23 by Eric

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