Greystone LY General Purpose Relays

LY series general purpose relays. Used for a wide range of commercial or industrial applications like starting and stopping exhaust fans.

10 amp contacts.  24 and 120 VAC coils available (120VAC coil = apply 120VAC to energize the coil and close contacts).  24 VDC coil also available.

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LY2N-120VAC/PTFZ08A-E Greystone - 10 amp general purpose relay. DPDT, 120 Vac COIL c/w status LED. Complete with base. 1 Day. In-stock $27.20
LY2N-24AC/PTFZ08A-E Greystone - 10 amp general purpose relay. DPDT, *** 24 VAC *** COIL c/w status LED. Complete with base. 1 Day. In-stock $27.20
LY2N-24DC/PTFZ08A-E Greystone - 10 amp general purpose relay. DPDT, *** 24 VDC *** COIL c/w status LED. Complete with base. 3-4 Days $27.20
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#1 Q:   Will this relay switch on 120 vac with 24v from hvac system tstat?LY2N-24AC/PTF08A-E
A:   The LY2N-24AC is for 24 VAC actuation. 24 VAC coil. YEs, it can be used to switch 120VAC.

       Asked on 2021-09-20 by Michael
#2 Q:   Im installing an inline booster fan to assist each existing fan in my two bathrooms. The vents meet up in attic before exiting roof. separate circuits control each fan switch now. Does this 120v relay have the ability to accept two feed circuits or will i need two relays?
A:   It only has 1 pilot circuit. If you are feeding power from 2 separate circuits, you will need 2 separate relays to prevent the 2 circuits being joined at the relay.

       Asked on 2020-04-13 by ed
#3 Q:   My question is about the LY2N-120VAC/PTF08A-E. Can I use this relay to allow a 120v coil to control a 24v circuit?
A:   Yes, that is a typical use. Switch the coil using 120V and control a 24V or other voltage circuit.

       Asked on 2019-03-03 by Paul
#4 Q:   I am requesting information on the LYN-120VAC/PTF08A-E. How many amps does it take to close the coil on the relay to complete the 120V circuit? Thanks.
A:   Coil current is 9.2 mA at 120V, 60 Hz.

       Asked on 2015-06-28 by Robert

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