Dayus DABL and DABLD Bar Linear Grilles - Made to Order

The form below allows you to price Dayus bar linear grilles. Use the pull-down menus to define the size and configuration options. Once you have made your selections and updated the page, you are ready to order! 

•  Features fully extruded aluminum construction.
•  Deflection bars are fixed parallel to the long dimension.
•  Core style options include 0, 15, 30 degree deflection, pencil proof or fine line appearance.
•  Installed in ceilings, side wall, sills or floor where a straighter, longer air throw is required.
•  Opposed blade damper available.
•  Durable powdercoat painted finish.

Any available size in 3 days! Call us at 877-711-4822 if you do not see the size you need listed.

LIST* Length:
LIST* Width (Height):

* The LIST length and width (height) are the size of the OPENING. See cut-sheets for undercut and sizing info. Blades are in direction of Length.
Core: Standard Grille
Core Only '-C' Option
Removable Core '-R' Option
Floor: Standard Grille (for walls or ceilings - not for floor mounting)
Floor '-F' Option (for floor mounted grilles - 8" max width)
Mounting: No Mounting (for removable core only)
Screws '-A' (for ceiling, wall, and sill applications)
Spring Clips '-B' (for sill and floor applications)
Concealed '-C' (for ceiling, wall, floor, and sill applications)
Side wall fastening '-D' (for removable core only)
Blade Options: 0 Degree, 1/5 Inch Blade ('-00')
Pencil Proof, 1/4 Inch Blade ('-01')
15 Degree, 1/5 Inch Blade ('-15')
30 Degree, 1/5 Inch Blade ('-30')
0 Degree, 1/8 Inch Blade ('-82')
1/8 Inch Blade, 1/4 Inch Spacing ('-84')

**MILL Finish is raw unfinished aluminum and will have scratches/scuffs/imperfections from the manufacturing process.
Production: Standard Production (3-4 Weeks)
Friday Next Production (Not this Friday, but next Friday. Order must be placed before 1 pm PST Thursday)
3-Day Express Production - NOT available for BLACK finish

Model Number:
Total Price (each): $ 28.00
Note: Dayus products are made-to-order. They are NON-RETURNABLE
         and the order cannot be cancelled once in production. The minimum
         order amount is $45 (will be reflected in the basket).


Finish Colors:

   White    Silver    Mill    Brown Black (Flat Black)

Do you have questions about the products on this page?

Click on the ? image on the left or this link to ask us your questions!
#1 Q:   Hi Im looking for engineering data for the dayus DABL and DABLD bar linear grilles. Im interested in knowing what size grilles Id need for the CFM Im trying to put through the grilles. thanks
A:   Dayus does not have any published data sheets for these, but they do have a free area calculator which helps with velocity calculations:

       Asked on 2023-10-01 by Matthew
#2 Q:   HI:What is the thickness (depth) of the flange? 1/4 or 1/2
A:   They are just over 1/8 inch thick.

       Asked on 2020-06-09 by Matthew
#3 Q:   What is the thickness of the flange? 1/4 or 1/2 inch
A:   The flanges are under 1/4 inch thick. Closer to 1/8 inch.

       Asked on 2020-06-04 by Matthew
#4 Q:   If I order a 32x4 grill is it my understanding the overall size of the grill will be 34x6 (1 inch bigger on each side).
A:   Assuming you do not get the Core Only option the overall size will be 33-11/16 x 5-11/16 inches. Almost 1 inch bigger on each side.

       Asked on 2019-10-25 by Ken
#5 Q:   where are the submittal sheets for the registers with the j bead flange and the hidden flange?
A:   Links tab on the J and H flange grilles page:

       Asked on 2019-10-01 by ryan
#6 Q:   Hi, would I be able to get the DABLD bar linear grille for floor return IN 30Lx14W?
A:   Unfortunately not. These are certified for the loads of a floor application only in 8 inch max width.

       Asked on 2018-05-28 by Shawn
#7 Q:   Rough opening 10 X 3. Overall size maximum is: 11.5 (width) X 4-1/4 (height). What will be the overall size on rough opening 10 length X 3 height? What is the depth of this grille?
A:   Overall size is LIST + 1-11/16 inches. For 10x3 LIST (rough opening size) the overall will be 11-11/16 x 4-11/16 inches. Depth is roughtly 1-3/4 inches depending on model. Catalog

       Asked on 2016-10-21 by Iris
#8 Q:   If I order I to fit the duct 15 x 7 1/2 what will the actual size be?
A:   There is 1 inch flange all the way round, so you would be at 17x9.5.

       Asked on 2014-10-27 by Ron A
#9 Q:   When ordering, the opening is 10 x 4, you are saying I should order a 12 x 6 register or grill?
A:   The LIST SIZE (order size) is the opening size. So order a 10x4 grille for your 10x4 opening. The grille will have a larger flange to cover the edges of the opening but the portion that slides into the opening will be 10x4 (slightly undercut from that).

       Asked on 2014-10-08 by Dave
#10 Q:   The return register opening measures- Vertical Height =20 The return register opening measures- Horizontal Width =12 What would the actual dimensions of the register be? Does the removable core style allow for a filter insertion?
A:   If the hole is 20x12, you would order that and the overall would be 22x14. One could cobble a way to contain a filter, but it is not designed as such.

       Asked on 2014-03-03 by Michael F
#11 Q:   Re:DABLD--Can you adjust the Damper Blades after the register is installed, and if so,how?
A:   You can adjust the damper...there is a receiver just behind the bars that one operates with a screwdriver.

       Asked on 2013-08-06 by Tom S

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