Lifebreath HRV Replacement Filters and Parts

Replacement filter parts and accessories for LIFEBREATH Heat Recovery Ventilators.

Foam and aluminum mesh filters.

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65-160R Lifebreath replacement synthetic fiber filters for HRVs. Size 12.5" X 9.75" X 3/4". Part No. 65-160R. Replaces old style black foam filters. *** 2 FILTER PACK *** 1 Day. In-stock $16.00
81-007 Lifebreath replacement metal filter clips for 65-160 filter. Fits over the filter and attaches to the core. Part No. 81-007. 1 Day. In-stock $3.90
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lifebreath aluminium filter


lifebreath foam filter


lifebreath filter clip

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#1 Q:   What replacement filters to I order for life breath HRV155 max
A:   The 65-160 is generally accepted as the standard filter on recent units. If yours is a black foam material then that is what needs to be ordered.

       Asked on 2023-03-26 by Val
#2 Q:   Hello, which modle can be used this HRV filter? I want to know does this filter fit RNC5-TPD. Thank you
A:   The 65-160R will fit your machine

       Asked on 2021-11-02 by Jason
#3 Q:   Can I use a universal cut to fit furnace filter instead of the foam filter
A:   A foam filter is recommended in case there is any condensation or frost on the core.

       Asked on 2020-11-02 by Lloyd
#4 Q:   What is the equivalent MERV rating of the foam filter?
A:   Its very low. There is no official rating from the manufacturer but our best guess would be a MERV 6.

       Asked on 2020-09-22 by ldw
#5 Q:   Does the filter HEPA?
A:   No. These are not HEPA filters.

       Asked on 2020-09-12 by Danielle
#6 Q:   My HRV uses 2 filters, is the a package of 2 foam filters?
A:   They are sold individually.

       Asked on 2016-01-02 by Pam
#7 Q:   Why do you have both a foam and an aluminum filter. Our HRV came with foam filters, which is best for people with allergies? Why an aluminum filter? What is the best method for cleaning the foam filters.
A:   The aluminum filter is for units prior to 1997. All current models use the 65-160 foam unit. Most people report washing in the sink like you would a sponge. Just be sure to dry them very well.

       Asked on 2015-03-04 by Gary

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