Cellar Coolers - Split Systems

CellarCool S Series Magnum Fully Ducted Split

Fully ducted split system. Larger capacity for larger cellars or cellars with large amount of glass windows.

From $4927.00

CellarCool S Series WM Wall Mount Ductless Split

Wall mounted ductless split. Beautiful exterior case so it can be mounted on the wall near the ceiling without a grill cover to hide the unit.

From $2799.00

CellarCool S Series CM Ceiling Mount Ductless Split

Ceiling mounted split system evaporator. Virtually silent operation.

From $3199.00

CellarCool S Series FD Fully Ducted Split

Fully ducted split. Coils are mounted outside the cellar so all that is seen inside the cellar is the air supply and return grills.

From $3932.00

Common uses for this equipment

Traditional air conditioning units are large capacity and designed to cool the space quickly.  This results in low evaporator coil temperatures and the removal of humidity which can lead to dried out corks and oxidized wine. Cellar cooling systems are designed to operate for longer periods of time at higher evap coil temperatures to avoid excessive removal of humidity.


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