Sauermann Heavy Duty Wall Brackets

Heavy duty wall brackets and vibration isolators for mounting AC units.

BS520:  Heavy duty wall bracket. Supplied with screws only. CAPACITY: 440 Lbs / 200 Kg

BVD40:  Made of vulcanized natural rubber with threaded metal inserts, they feature excellent vibration dampening properties. Delivered in plastic bags of 4 pieces each.

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BS520 Sauermann Heavy Duty Wall Bracket without bar. Galvanized steel. Supplied w/ screws only. 19-11/16 x 15-3/4 inch. 1 Day. In-stock $48.40
BVD40 Sauermann vibration dampers for wall brackets. Pack of 4. 1 Day. In-stock $17.00
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Sauermann Wall Mounting Bracket Specs

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