S&P Dryer Booster Fans

S&P offers the perfect solution to increase dryer efficiency, the PV-100x Dryer Booster fan (part of the DBF booster kit). The PV 100x has been specifically designed to handle dryer boosting applications and helps you save on drying time, moisture build up, wear and tear on your dryer, and on your electrical bill. The centrifugal blade designs are able to overcome extreme resistance for even the most challenging installations. The PV offers a totally enclosed motor which ensures long, trouble free life. The PV series is the right choice for enhancing the performance of your clothes dryer.

The PV-DEDPV is a cULus 705 listed dryer exhaust duct power ventilator and complies with IRC and IMC codes.

Available with either pressure or current switch for fan activation.

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PV-100XPS S&P Premium Dryer Booster Kit. PV-100X booster fan (142 cfm) with INTEGRATED PRESSURE SWITCH. For 4" round ducts. 1 Day. In-stock $246.60
DBF-100XC S&P Premium Dryer Booster Kit. PV-100X booster fan (142 cfm) with CURRENT switch for activation. For 4" round ducts. 1 Day. In-stock $256.80
PV-DEDPV S&P Dryer Booster Kit. cULus 705 listed dryer exhaust ventilator for use with gas or electric clothes dryers. 6 ft power cord. For 4 inch round ducts. 1 Day. In-stock $386.10
LT-100 S&P Lint trap for 4" round duct. 1 Day. In-stock $79.80
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Soler Palau Dryer Booster Specifications

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#1 Q:   How do you clean the the vent duct with this installed? And does the booster fan need to be cleaned?
A:   You would need to remove the fan. Per SP in the installation manual: Fan impeller may accumulate lint. Periodic inspection, based upon dryer usage, should be performed to ensure that the fan impeller is not obstructed or loaded with lint. Under normal conditions, fan should be inspected at least once every six months (more often if usage is high).

       Asked on 2024-02-28 by Omar
#2 Q:   What is the Minimum Distance for placement of the Booster in relationship from the starting point where the dryer vent duct hose attaches to the connection point from the back of the dryer? If I have to install in the attic how often must the booster be cleaned out? Thanks
A:   From the installation manual: Under normal conditions, fan should be inspected at least once every six months. It is recommended that the booster fan is mounted in the ductwork not less than 15 feet from the exhaust outlet of the dryer. A lint trap may be used if closer than 15 feet. See more info here: https://www.hvacquick.com/catalog_files/solerpalau_DBF-100XC_iom.pdf

       Asked on 2019-03-28 by Jim
#3 Q:   Of the booster fans that you carry, I am wondering which would be best for my application. I need to install the fan in line horizontally approx. 7 feet from the dryer. There are two 90 between the dryer and booster.
A:   So long as you are greater than 5 feet, a metal body unit such as this or the Fantech will be fine, but you will need the Inline Lint Trap to accompany either fan as it will be less than 15 feet from the dryer.

       Asked on 2013-09-28 by Martin
#4 Q:   Do these fans work with gas dryers?
A:   Yes, use the pressure switch version as it measures the pressure in the duct to determine when it should run.

       Asked on 2013-07-20 by EDJ

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