S&P FB Series Filter Boxes

FB filter boxes are used when the installation requires filtered air to be introduced, to prevent the entry of dust and impurities to the area being ventilated. They have an easy open cover, in order to quickly change the filtering element.

The FB filter boxes come with a MERV-8 rated filter. Sheet metal construction.

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FB4 S&P FB Series Filter Boxes. For 4 inch ducts. Includes MERV-8 filter. 1 Day. In-stock $63.10
FB5 S&P FB Series Filter Boxes. For 5 inch ducts. Includes MERV-8 filter. 1 Day. In-stock $67.40
FB6 S&P FB Series Filter Boxes. For 6 inch ducts. Includes MERV-8 filter. 1 Day. In-stock $70.00
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Soler Palau FB filter box dimensions

Soler Palau FB filter box

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#1 Q:   what is the filter size?
A:   Filter size is 8x8x2 inch per the catalog. Unclear if the filter has an undercut.

       Asked on 2022-11-27 by Dave
#2 Q:   Can I get a larger size such as 12 or 14 with MERV 8 filter?
A:   No. SP does not make any custom sizes. You can get the IFB filter with a MERV 6 or CFB with a higher MERV filter in larger sizes. https://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/Filter-Boxes/Inline-Filter-Boxes

       Asked on 2022-06-22 by Boston
#3 Q:   Is this UL approved?
A:   No. The Fantech FB 6 is UL 900 listed: https://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/Air-Filters/Inline-Filter-Boxes/Fantech-Filter-Boxes

       Asked on 2020-08-19 by Eric
#4 Q:   What type of a filter does this box use? I see it is rated to MERV-8 but the type of filter is not stated.
A:   Standard pleated disposable 8x8x2 nominal size filter. Similar to these: https://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/Air-Filters/Medium-Efficiency-Air-Filters/Accumulair-two-inch-filters-MERV-8

       Asked on 2020-02-09 by JT
#5 Q:   Are MERV 6 AND MERV 8 filters only different in size? Are hepa filters available for the 4 filter box?
A:   The FB boxes are only available in MERV 8. No HEPA option. If you need a HEPA take a look at the CFB-HP-6 box: https://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/Air-Filters/Inline-Filter-Boxes/HVACQuick-CFB-HP-Series-HEPA-Inline-Filter-Box

       Asked on 2019-12-03 by Arthur
#6 Q:   Where are replacement filters available? FB series filter boxes use 8 X 8 X2 filters, but a search does not return a source for this size filter.
A:   The filters have an exact size of 7.75x7.75x1.75 inch. That is currently not a standard filter size in our offering but we can special order them in that size. Call us if interested.

       Asked on 2018-10-29 by Ron

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