Warmup StickMat Heated Floor Mat - 240 VAC

The StickyMat floor heating mats are comprised of a low-profile twin conductor cable applied to a sturdy fiberglass mesh. The mats are self-adhesive on both sides and allow freedom of design and speed of installation thanks to the pre-spaced format of the heating cable.

The Mat System is ideal for installations within regularly shaped areas, where the 20 or 36 inch wide mats can be quickly rolled out across the floor in parallel runs. If you intend on using vinyl, carpet, timber, tiles or any other underfloor heating compatible floor finish, the system can (and should, in some cases like for carpet) be embedded within a self-leveling compound to provide a flat and level floor surface to lay over.

The NADWM mats have been specifically designed to provide Primary Heating under a variety of floors. The cable has been preassembled onto the mat to allow for an easy ’tape-down’ installation. At 132°F peak cable temperature, the NADWM system heats up fast and has been tested and proven to provide 70°F ambient temperature at 4ft in height in 1 hour. The system is fully grounded with a 10ft lead cable for connection to power.

Using the 4iE® Programmable Thermostat, the product can be programmed to suit the user’s needs. The 4iE® monitors the systems’ power usage and will optimize comfort and consumption costs. The 4iE® controller combines the efficiency of built in floor and room sensors.


• Operating voltage: 240V
• Width: 20 inch
• Mat thickness: 1/8”
• Inner / Outer Insulation: Advanced fluoropolymer (ETFE)
• Output rating: 14W/sq ft
• Lifetime limited warranty

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DWM-240-350 Warmup StickyMat. 240V, 350 Watt, 20 inch x 15 ft (WxL),1.5 amps. Covers 25 sq. ft. 2-3 Days $368.60
DWM-240-560 Warmup StickyMat. 240V, 560 Watt, 20 inch x 24 ft (WxL), 2.3 amps. Covers 40 sq. ft. 2-3 Days $485.50
DWM-240-700 Warmup StickyMat. 240V, 700 Watt, 20 inch x 30 ft (WxL), 2.9 amps. Covers 50 sq. ft. 2-3 Days $585.20
DWM-240-1050 Warmup StickyMat. 240V, 1050 Watt, 20 inch x 46 ft (WxL), 4.4 amps. Covers 75 sq. ft. 2-3 Days $823.70
DWM-240-1260 Warmup StickyMat. 240V, 1260 Watt, 20 inch x 55 ft (WxL), 5.3 amps. Covers 90 sq. ft. 2-3 Days $964.30
DWM-240-1540 Warmup StickyMat. 240V, 1540 Watt, 20 inch x 67 ft (WxL), 6.4 amps. Covers 110 sq. ft. 2-3 Days $1100.10
DWM-240-2100 Warmup StickyMat. 240V, 2100 Watt, 20 inch x 91 ft (WxL), 8.8 amps. Covers 150 sq. ft. 2-3 Days $1462.10
DWM-240-2520 Warmup StickyMat. 240V, 2520 Watt, 20 inch x 110 ft (WxL), 10.5 amps. Covers 180 sq. ft. 2-3 Days $1746.10
DWM-240-3080 Warmup StickyMat. 240V, 3080 Watt, 20 inch x 134 ft (WxL), 12.8 amps. Covers 220 sq. ft. 2-3 Days $2045.40
DWM-240-3240 Warmup StickyMat. 240V, 3240 Watt, 20 inch x 146 ft (WxL), 13.5 amps. Covers 240 sq. ft. 2-3 Days $2171.70
6iE-04-CW Warmup 6iE Portrait Smart WiFi Thermostat. 120V/240V with sensor probe and instructions. 15A. White with GFCI. 2-3 Days $283.10
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