Aldes AIRLET Through-Wall Make-up Air Inlets

AIRLET™ make-up air inlets. Through-Wall AIRLETS™ are available in round, rectangular, self-regulating, adjustable, filtering, sound-attenuating, and humidity- and temperature-compensating models.

100 or 200: Standard Self-Regulating Inlets. Standard self-regulating inlets allow a constant amount of fresh air to enter. A flow-regulating damper ensures that the airflow is independent to wind pressure.

600: Humidity-Controlled Inlet. A unique make-up air inlet that automatically adjusts incoming airflow according to interior humidity levels. 

700: Temperature-Controlled Inlet. Continuously regulates airflows in response to the outdoor temperature.

TL98: Manually Adjustable Inlet. Incorporates a variable control damper and unique air-distribution grille.


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AIRLET TL98 Aldes AIRLET TL98 Passive Through-Wall. Manually Adjustable Fresh Air Inlet. 4"- 8" Sleeve. Part 13550. 1 Day. In-stock $73.30
AIRLET 200-WHITE Aldes AIRLET 200 Passive Through-Wall Round Self-Regulating Fresh Air Inlet with White Exterior Grille. 5"- 9" Telescoping Sleeve. Part 11555. 1 Day. In-stock $59.60
AIRLET 200-ALUM Aldes AIRLET 200 Passive Through-Wall Round Self-Regulating Fresh Air Inlet with Aluminum Exterior Grille. 5"- 9" Telescoping Sleeve. Part 11556. 1 Day. In-stock $59.60
AIRLET 700 Aldes AIRLET 700 Passive Through-Wall Temperature-Controlled Fresh Air Inlet. 4"-8" Sleeve. Part 13750. 1 Day. In-stock $145.90
23853 Aldes Replacement Filter for Model 200 Fresh Air Inlet. 1 Day. In-stock $8.40
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#1 Q:   Are these inlets available with filters or sound attenuation
A:   Model 200 has a filter. No sound attenuation available.

       Asked on 2020-10-02 by Gus
#2 Q:   Can I mount a tl98 on a outside door?
A:   Min thickness per Aldes is 5 inches.

       Asked on 2020-09-04 by jack
#3 Q:   Looking for aldes airlet 100... I see it mentioned but not available to purchase
A:   We currently do not stock/sell that particular model. Sorry.

       Asked on 2020-04-01 by Gary

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