Fantech FADE Direct Drive Propeller Fans

A series of sidewall propeller fans designed for structural stability with a slim profile for conservation of space and safety. All FADE Series fans have aerodynamically designed propeller blades and motor rotor assembled as one integral unit.  All FADE fans include motor-side guards as standard.

FADE Series motors are a totally enclosed Class B, direct drive external rotor type with sealed self lubricating bearings and automatic reset thermal over-load protection. Motors are capable of operating in ambient air or air stream temperatures of up to 100 F. FADE Series fans are 100% speed controllable through a decrease in voltage by using either a solid state or transformer type control.

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FADE 8-4 Fantech FADE Propeller Fans. 1/25 Hp 115/1/60 - 304 cfm. 4.1 sones at 0.1 inches SP. 1 Day. In-stock $228.00
FADE 10-4 Fantech FADE Propeller Fans. 1/15 Hp 115/1/60 - 624 cfm. 7.9 sones at 0.1 inches SP. 1 Day. In-stock $279.00
FADE 12-4 Fantech FADE Propeller Fans. 1/8 Hp 115/1/60 - 1208 cfm. 9.4 sones at 0.1 inches SP. 1 Day. In-stock $314.00
FADE 14-4 Fantech FADE Propeller Fans. 1/4 Hp 115/1/60 - 1839 cfm. 9.6 sones at 0.1 inches SP. 1 Day. In-stock $363.00
FADE 16-4 Fantech FADE Propeller Fans. 1/3 Hp 115/1/60 - 3054 cfm. 12.0 sones at 0.1 inches SP. 1 Day. In stock. $469.00
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#1 Q:   What product of yours do you recommend to cool down my 2 car garage in Phoenix AZ?
A:   These are a good choice for moving large amounts of air. We see them used in attic and garage cooling applications all the time. Keep in mind these fans just move air so if the air outside is 110 F you might not be doing much cooling.

       Asked on 2019-06-06 by ALPHAGUY
#2 Q:   I have a FADE 14-4 fan that I would like to use to draw air through the house at night and would like to be certain that the WC 15 would be ok for this. I want to mount it on the wall as opposed to the attic for convenience sake.
A:   Yes, the WC15 is fine for the 14-4 fan.

       Asked on 2018-07-06 by Tim

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