Primex WCL Series Low Profile Intake and Exhaust Wall Caps

The Primex Low Profile Intake and Exhaust Vents (WCL Series) eliminate leaky joints while maximizing water protection with a one-piece molded base and built-in drip edge. These vents feature an attractive low profile design and fit 7" and 8" diameter ducts. They are rainscreen-compatible via the extended base which compensates for the cavity between sheathing and cladding.


• Suitable for intake and exhaust applications where low profile is preferred.
• Over-sized flange ensures water-tight installation.
• The integrity of the building envelope is maintained via a removable hood for simple cleaning or replacement.
• Made with UV-protected Polymer resin for lasting durability.
• Highly resistant to mechanical impact.
• Built-in bird screen.
• Quick and easy installation.

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WCL701 Primex louvred wall cap. 7/8 inch collar. With screen and removable backdraft dampers. WHITE color. 1 Day. In-stock $37.90
WCL723 Primex louvered wall cap. 7/8 inch collar. With screen and removable backdraft dampers. TAUPE color. 1 Day. In-stock $37.90
WCL725 Primex louvered wall cap. 7/8 inch collar. With screen and removable backdraft dampers. BLACK color. 1 Day. In-stock $37.90
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Primex WCL

Primex WCL dimensions

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#1 Q:   What is the cfm rating for these wall caps?
A:   Primex does not publish any CFM or pressure drop specs for their caps. They do provide the net free area which is 38.5 sq inches for the WCL7.

       Asked on 2024-01-11 by Carl
#2 Q:   Do you make one with a 10 round duct connection?
A:   In the Primex line we do not have one with a 10 inch connection. Sorry.

       Asked on 2024-01-11 by Carl
#3 Q:   Does the WCL701 connect directly to an 8 duct. It says it does, but in the primex documentation there is a different part number for the 8 duct.
A:   The models we stock contain a stepped back portion that accepts both 7 and 8 inch piping.

       Asked on 2021-12-06 by David
#4 Q:   Whats the best choice of insect screen to use in conjunction with that bird screen without significantly lowering CFM outflow?
A:   You will significantly impact the airflow if you install any insect screen on these caps. The typical insect mesh is fine and will plug quite quickly with the airflows these caps are exposed to.

       Asked on 2021-07-01 by Jl
#5 Q:   Are these units suitable for high CFM oven hood discharge? Do you have any data regarding maximum flow rate? Also, can you provide the width of the exposed shoulder of the base section? Recently bought two of the Seiho dryer vent caps, very nice.
A:   Its sized for standard 7 inch air flows including oven hood discharge. This manufacturer does not provide any max CFM specs. Sorry. The flange is about 1.5 inches wide. See the size info on the last page of the Spec Sheet:

       Asked on 2020-03-24 by PC
#6 Q:   will this fit into an inside diameter of 6 3/4 inch?
A:   It will not. Full 7 inch sleeve that increases to 8 inch.

       Asked on 2019-10-06 by Drew
#7 Q:   Can you get the WCL series cap in color 31 - Light Grey?
A:   We only stock the colors listed. We could special order other colors but in case qty (4 pieces) only.

       Asked on 2017-10-26 by Brian
#8 Q:   How long is the pipe end on the 8 vent? Im wanting to install through a metal pole barn wall with ribbed metal siding inside and out for an exhaust fan. Total wall thickness is about 10.25. Thank you.
A:   The sleeve extends back 9.25 inches.

       Asked on 2017-03-22 by Gary

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