Seiho CFXC Series Aluminum Hooded Vent Caps With Backdraft Damper

The CFXC hooded vent cap with backdraft damper is similar to the model SFX, except the horizontal louvers are facing down. The benefit with the louver plate is that it can be easily opened for regular cleaning. This model is ideal for exteriors where protection from the elements is necessary and not already carried out by the building design. 

- Made from Machined Anodized Aluminum
- Large Vents Reduce Clogging
- Designed for Weather Resistance
- Include Spring Loaded Backdraft Damper


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CFXC 4 Seiho CFXC aluminum exterior vent cap. Clear anodized. WITH BACKDRAFT DAMPER. 4 inch size. 1 Day. In-stock $46.90
CFXC 6 Seiho CFXC aluminum exterior vent cap. Clear anodized. WITH BACKDRAFT DAMPER. 6 inch size. 1 Day. In-stock $83.00
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seiho sfxc cap specifications

seiho cfxc vent cap


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#1 Q:   Will this work for a dryer exhaust?
A:   Yes. Regular cleaning is required for hoods with backdraft dampers to ensure they do not get clogged.

       Asked on 2022-11-10 by Martin
#2 Q:   Is there a 5 inch hooded vent cap with backdraft damper available?
A:   Not in the Seiho brand. You can get them in standard galvanized.

       Asked on 2022-02-11 by Austin
#3 Q:   Will the Seiho CFXC Vent Cap allow air exhausting from a HVAC/HRV system to open the damper on the low setting? Can I modify or change the spring if it doesnt allow enough air to exit?
A:   It is quite lightly sprung, so even lower velocities should open it fine, it is a well engineered product.

       Asked on 2021-12-28 by William
#4 Q:   I am looking at the Seiho CFXC 6. Will the spring loaded backdraft damper open for a microwave/range hood exhaust fan when its on the low setting?
A:   It will not open fully (depending on how much CFM low speed is) but it will open. Make sure the cap is the correct size specified by the fan manufacturer.

       Asked on 2021-03-04 by Nick

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