Seiho SFZ and SFZC Series Louvered Dryer Vent Caps

Designed for exterior applications, the SFZ and the SFZC are easy to install and have large openings to reduce clogging. Both models are suited to exhaust fan applications such as dryer, bathroom, or kitchen exhaust venting. The heavy-gage anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction is corrosion-resistant for years of service.

- Large free area reduces clogging
- Made from machined anodized aluminum
- Designed for weather resistance
- Water condensation drain


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SFZ 4 Seiho aluminum DRYER vent cap. Clear anodized. 4 inch size. 1 Day. In-stock $28.80
SFZ 6 Seiho aluminum DRYER vent cap. Clear anodized. 6 inch size. 1 Day. In-stock $60.50
SFZC 4 Seiho aluminum DRYER vent cap. Clear anodized. With backdraft damper. 4 inch size. 1 Day. In-stock $43.10
SFZC 6 Seiho aluminum DRYER vent cap. Clear anodized. With backdraft damper. 6 inch size. 1 Day. In-stock $84.20
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seiho sfz

seiho sfz

seiho sfzc

seiho sfzc


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#1 Q:   Is the SFZC4 acceptable for venting a gas dryer? Or does the backdraft damper cause too much pressure loss? Is it an actual backdraft damper, or a simple flapper damper?
A:   Yes, these are acceptable for residential dryer venting. The backdraft is a flapper so the pressure loss is much lower than a multi segment damper.

       Asked on 2020-08-23 by Greg
#2 Q:   If mounted under an overhang such that the damper is horizontal to the ground, will the damper open with air flow from the dryer? And will it close when dryer air flow stops?
A:   No. This cap is meant for a vertical wall installation. The damper will not operate properly in a horizontal installation.

       Asked on 2018-12-30 by Russ
#3 Q:   Two questions, is it easy to remove the hood after it is installed as to be able to clean the dryer line, since this dryer line goes through an interior wall then to the outside. Also are the Louvers easy to remove, as to get an air hose through the outside into the inside line of the Dryer for Cleaning?
A:   These have spring clips on the back that hold them in the duct by friction. To remove, just grab it and pull off. The louvers on it are fixed, so you would just remove the entire thing.

       Asked on 2018-01-09 by JT
#4 Q:   does this cap prevent birds from entering and making nests. I have a flap that they open with their beak and go inside. I need an opening large enough for lint to blow out. Old cage unit was always clogging up. vent is on 2nd floor. do you think this would work for me?
A:   This one in particular should keep them out because of the louver slots. The damper behind is quite nice and should keep everything else out.

       Asked on 2014-05-28 by John
#5 Q:   Ok to mount this vent cap to pvc pipe? Is the shaft with clips long enough?
A:   You may need to caulk it in, but there should be no other problems.

       Asked on 2014-04-25 by Kate

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