S&P TD-SILENT Series Inline Fans

As the name suggests the TD-SILENT fans are extremely quiet, low profile mixed-flow fans.  Manufactured in plastic material with an external connection box, the body is easily dismantled and has a speed controllable 115V, 60Hz motor. Sound waves are directed through the perforated inner skin and absorbed by a layer of sound-absorbent insulation.  5 Year limited warranty.

All models are:
- UL and cUL Listed
- Certified by the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI)
- ENERGY STAR qualified
- NAHB - National Green Building Green Approved.

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TD-125XS S&P TD-Silent Series Inline Fan. For 5 inch round duct - 203 cfm. 1 Day. In-stock $235.70
TD-150S S&P TD-Silent Series Inline Fan. For 6 inch round duct - 333 cfm. 1 Day. In-stock $284.80
TD-200S S&P TD-Silent Series Inline Fan. For 8 inch round duct - 530 cfm. 1 Day. In-stock $355.60
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#1 Q:   Regarding the TD-150S: What variable speed controller do you sell that works with this unit?
A:   5 amp speed controls such as the Fantech WC 15 or IPF05 will work. Also the SP 2525.5UL. https://www.hvacquick.com/products/residential/AirFlow-Boosting/Exhaust-Fan-Controls

       Asked on 2023-05-31 by Home_Tuner
#2 Q:   Does the TD-150S already come with a plug or do I have to put one on it?
A:   None of the TD fans come with a plug/cord. You can attach a cord or hardwire them.

       Asked on 2022-02-02 by Dave
#3 Q:   TD-200S: 500 cfm in a 8 duct is 24 f/s velocity. Wont this be very noisy away from the fan and at transitions?
A:   8 inch inline fans range in CFM from 400 to 800+. The 530 nominal CFM is quite typical. These are normally paired with flexible insulated duct to attenuate any noise coming out of the fan.

       Asked on 2019-07-10 by Richard
#4 Q:   Is the TD125-XS a two speed or single speed motor?
A:   The TD125-XS is a single speed motor. You can use an external speed controller (not supplied) to vary the speed if required.

       Asked on 2018-01-16 by Bill
#5 Q:   How many CFM does the 100XS move?
A:   Depends on the static pressure. The nominal CFM is 203/108 cfm (high/low). Full specs are on the Specs tab or in the PDF catalog.

       Asked on 2017-01-19 by RAB
#6 Q:   Can the polarity be changed on these fans to reverse direction for summer / winter operation ?
A:   No. The fans are one direction airflow only.

       Asked on 2016-11-10 by Donny
#7 Q:   TD-100XS just purchased would like to wire to a plug does it need a three prong or two prong?
A:   2 prong is fine. These fans are double insulated and do not have an external ground wire.

       Asked on 2014-09-28 by CH
#8 Q:   Can these fans be used to boost the air duct supply air?
A:   Yes they can, typically this is done with a current sensor at the AHU or a pressure switch in the duct.

       Asked on 2014-08-26 by MS
#9 Q:   Can these fans run constantly 24/7/365? If or if not can they be placed on a humidistat? Which humidistat do you recommend? Thank you.
A:   They can run continuously, and the Fantech FH20 Humidistat would do just fine on these or any of our units.

       Asked on 2014-06-20 by www.Aquatic-Interiors.com
#10 Q:   Do you have a scone rating for the S&P TD 100XS high and low speed?
A:   It is similar to the 150, low to mid 50s in dBa.

       Asked on 2014-02-23 by Bud
#11 Q:   Do you have a scone rating for the S&P 150S 4 on high and low speeds?
A:   No sone rating, bit it was measured on an open table when we first received them and gave a mid 50 dBA rating.

       Asked on 2014-02-23 by Bud
#12 Q:   What air temperature will the TD-Silent 150 handle in the duct? Would you recommend rigid duct or flex?
A:   The max air temp for this unit is 140 degrees F.

       Asked on 2014-02-22 by Joe
#13 Q:   Can this use a pressure switch? I do not want to add any switches to turn this off and on. It needs to start automatically.
A:   Yes, you can use a pressure switch on this unit, we like the Tjernlund PS1503.

       Asked on 2013-12-26 by bob
#14 Q:   Can this be used in a 6 exhaust duct for a stove/microwave? The fan will be in the basement, 15 ft. away from the stove which is on the first floor.
A:   It is not recommended to use these for kitchens as the baffles in the fan will plug with grease.

       Asked on 2013-12-06 by OBSAND
#15 Q:   Can the TD-Silent Series be mounted in an unconditioned attic?
A:   Yes it can, you may wrap it with insulation to minimize condensation, but that should be minimal as the unit is mostly plastic.

       Asked on 2013-11-25 by Micah
#16 Q:   If I use a speed controller to feed the fan, will wiring it to high speed give me its full range of speed ? in other words is the minimum speed the same for both slow and speed wiring ?
A:   They are in fact 2 sets of windings with different output levels so, yes, the bottom end will vary between the 2 speeds. Also, the effective range you would get on high or low speed will be about the top 40% of actual operation..any less and the fan would not have enough power to sustain running itself.

       Asked on 2013-11-19 by Guy B
#17 Q:   Can I use this instead for dryer boosting?
A:   Not the silent series, the lint would plug the baffles quickly and become a fire hazard.

       Asked on 2013-09-15 by Anthony
#18 Q:   Is a 220v-230v model available? Or can a variac be used? Im in new zealand? Cheers
A:   We only have 120v/60. Fantech AU is the same thing but in your local voltage of 220/50. Cheers!

       Asked on 2013-07-20 by Wal
#19 Q:   What are the max db levels on the 6 and 8
A:   We tested them at mid to high 50s...The baffles take the high frequency out so it does sound quieter than it is.

       Asked on 2013-07-01 by Streetfrog
#20 Q:   can you put a outlet plug on unit if so what are the specifications
A:   A plug can be put on, 14 gauge wire would be more than sufficient.

       Asked on 2013-06-04 by mas
#21 Q:   Can these fans be used with a speed controller? What type of controller is recommended?
A:   They can be speed controlled, something like the WC15 would be fine.

       Asked on 2013-06-01 by David
#22 Q:   How much does the TD-150S 6in inline fan weigh? Thanks!
A:   13 Pounds...

       Asked on 2013-04-24 by Chris
#23 Q:   Does the td100 come pre wire?
A:   No it does not. There is a wiring box o n the side for romex or a service whip.

       Asked on 2013-04-24 by phil

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