Tjernlund AireShare Room to Room Ventilators

Make hot or cold rooms more comfortable. These room to room ventilators are installed in a wall cavity and pull air from one room to transfer to another.

The perfect companion for homes, condos, hotels & buildings with:

  • Split System or Window A/C
  • Space Heaters, Stoves & Fireplaces
  • PTAC & Ductless Heating/Cooling
  • Electric Baseboard

AireShare AS1, AS1P & AS2 Room-to-Room transfer fans can also pull cool air from floor level or warm air from ceiling level and distribute high or low.

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AS1 Tjernlund AireShare room-to-room ventilator. Hardwired unit. 75 cfm. 1.2 sones noise level. For 16 inch o/c wall framing. 1 Day. In-stock $171.00
AS1P Tjernlund AireShare room-to-room ventilator. Concealed plug-in unit. 75 cfm. 1.4 sones noise level. For 16 inch o/c wall framing. 1 Day. In-stock $144.00
AS2 Tjernlund AireShare double blower room-to-room ventilator. Hardwired unit. 110 cfm. 1.5 sones noise level. 1 Day. In-stock $259.00
SWS Tjernlund SWS wireless switch. For manual activation of booster or AireShare transfter fans. Includes wireless switch and receiver. 1 Day. In-stock $129.00
SWT Tjernlund SWT wireless thermostat. For automatic activation of booster or AireShare transfter fans (heat mode only). Includes wireless thermostat and receiver. 1 Day. In-stock $139.00
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Tjernlund AireShare Ventilator Specs

Tjernlund SWS controls

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#1 Q:   Does the AS2 really require 4 depth into the wall or can you use standard stud depth of 3.5?
A:   Per Tjernlund, yes. The double blower unit requires a thicker wall.

       Asked on 2019-04-29 by Eric
#2 Q:   Can I use the thermostat for cooling the receiving room purpose? IN the manual, it states for heating purpose, buy doesnt state ONLY.
A:   The SWT is a heating only thermostat. It does not have a cooling model selection.

       Asked on 2018-11-18 by Cheng
#3 Q:   Is there a different option for the intake vent cover so that it is flush or at least flater to wall than one appears to be that is standard?
A:   Unfortunately no. The unit mounting frame sits on top of the drywall so the grille has to cover it and any attachment screws.

       Asked on 2017-07-12 by Steve
#4 Q:   How is the fan speed changed on the AS2? Does the wireless thermostat adjust fan speed on the AS2?
A:   The thermostat will only turn it on and vary the speed one installs a capacitor of varying microfarads when wiring the unit.

       Asked on 2015-08-01 by Rich
#5 Q:   Is a thermostat or on off switch available ?
A:   Both are available, you may use a wireless switch for manual operation or a thermostat for automatic control.

       Asked on 2013-11-06 by Nat

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