AquaMotion AMH1K-6ODRZT1 Tankless Pump and Valve Hot Water Recirculation System

The AMH1K-6ODRZT1 kit is for TANKLESS HEATERS WITHOUT A BUILT-IN PUMP on standard single pipe plumbing. Kit contains the AM6 stainless steel circulator, a built-in timer, 10 ft line cord, AMK-ODR bypass valve kit (ODR valve, 2 ft. hose & tee), bypass tee 3/4" MNPT x 3/4" MNPT x 3/8" OD compression, two 3/4" NPT male tail pieces with 1" union nuts and gaskets, and a 2 ft. stainless hose. The pump is installed at the water heater and the valve at a remote fixture.

The AquaMotion AMK-ODR valve is a small, quiet, lead free stainless/brass hot water recirculation valve for single pipe systems.  It installs at the fixture furthest from the tankless hot water heater. When hot water is called by the built-in pump timer, the circulator forces the cooled hot water in the hot water line into the cold supply line which returns it to the hot water heater. As hotter water reaches the ODR valve, it closes until a 95°F temperature is reached at which point the valve automatically adjusts to maintain this temperature. Up to 5 AMK-ODR valves per pump.

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AMH1K-6ODRZT1 Aquamotion AquaMotionHot recirculation kit for TANKLESS HEATERS WITHOUT A BUILT-IN PUMP. AM7-SU1ZLT1 stainless union circulator with 3/4 inch male tailpieces, built-in timer, 10 ft line cord, pump bypass connection, hose, bypass tee 3/4 inch FNPTx3/4 inch MNPTx3/8 inch OD compression. Includes AMK-ODR bypass valve kit: Bypass valve, hose, tee. Valve on/off 95F-104F. 1 Day. In-stock $505.60
AMK-ODR Aquamotion Superflow additional valve kit for TANKLESS HEATERS. Valve, 2 ft hose, tee. Valve on/off 95F-104F. Installs under-sink on cold line. 1 Day. In-stock $129.20
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#1 Q:   So I am a little confused on the operation of the undersink valve and the 95 degree limit. I am assuming that as long as recirculating pump is operating, it will flow water from hot to cold water lines until it gets to 95 degrees, then stops the water from flowing into cold. Does the circulation pump keep running? If it does, what happens to the water since it is being prevented from circulating. Also, is the hot water now limited to 95 degrees at the sink with the valve? or is this just the initial temp until the hot water from the tankless system catches up to its set point in my house (currently at 120). Thank you
A:   The valve will stop the bypass of water to the cold water line when temperature reaches 95F at the valve. The pump will continue to run as long as the timer is active. Its designed for that and will function fine. Hot water is not limited to 95F. You will get your full hot water from the heater to the fixtures. The 95F number is just for the valve to stop bypassing and close.

       Asked on 2021-05-17 by armand

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