Tamarack HV1600 R38 Whole House Fan

• Easy installation -  No joist cutting necessary
• No maintenance
• Mechanically sealed doors insulated to R38
• Fits 16” or 24” on center joists
• 3 year limited warranty.  UL Listed 
• 2-Speed 1,150/1,600 CFM rated
• Remote control and 6' power cord included

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HV1600 Tamarack whole house fan. R38 insulation. 2-Speed 1,150/1,600 CFM. Includes white interior grille, 6 foot power cord and a radio frequency remote control. SKU: TTi-HV1600R38. 3-4 Days $1025.00
ACP-01-SP Optional Acoustic Plenum Box. An insulated raised frame that reduces sound levels up to 3 dBA on the HV1000 and 6.5 dBA on the HV1600. The kit includes: insulated raised frame, tape, and installation hardware. Ships unassembled. PRICE VALID ONLY WITH PURCHASE OF A TAMARACK WHOLE HOUSE FAN. 1-2 Days $99.00
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hv1000 dimensions

hv1000 specs

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#1 Q:   Can this unit be mounted in any other orientation other than the one shown? Upside down? On a wall?
A:   On a wall, yes. Not upside down.

       Asked on 2022-12-02 by fte
#2 Q:   How loud at the 2 speeds is this?
A:   Data isnt published, but measurements we have performed, as well as other ratings show this to be 65 db on low and 76 db on high.

       Asked on 2020-12-27 by High Altitude Phil
#3 Q:   Does the insulation automatically seal up when the fan is off? Or do I have to go in the attic every fall to close it?
A:   Yes, the doors automatically close and seal/insulate when the fan is off.

       Asked on 2020-12-27 by Phil
#4 Q:   Are these whole home fans reversible?
A:   No, they are one direction airflow only.

       Asked on 2019-07-08 by Louis
#5 Q:   What size whole house fan do I need for 1200 Sq feet house?
A:   Tamarack recommends 6 or more air changes per hour which means the HV1600 or larger fan for your size home. The HV1000 would be borderline. Thanks.

       Asked on 2014-09-09 by Louis
#6 Q:   Can the HV1600 R38 Whole House Fan be mounted vertical?
A:   Per the manufacturer it can be mounted vertically.

       Asked on 2014-07-28 by Mike P.
#7 Q:   How far should this fan be placed from the main return duct of house A/C? The A/C return duct happens to be right in the central location of house.
A:   A few feet is fine, they generally will not run concurrently, so no worries there.

       Asked on 2014-07-14 by Joe F
#8 Q:   how are the units sized? By sq ft?
A:   Yes, this fan is for about 1800-2200 square feet, depending on what area of the country you are in.

       Asked on 2013-06-10 by dale

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