S&P MD6-ES24VK Outside Air Motorized Damper Kit

The MD6-ES24VK fresh air kit from S&P allows fresh air to enter dwellings to meet building code and ventilation standards requirements through a 6 inch motorized damper controlled by a 24V temperature and humidity monitoring controller. The control can command the central HVAC blower to help distribute the fresh air through the existing ductwork if necessary.

ES24V Features:
• Easy to read, back-lit LCD screen
• 24-volt control
• Can be set to run supply fan continuously or intermittently or using Eco-Mode
• Measures outdoor temperature to stop ventilation at adjustable high and low outdoor temperature lockouts
• Measures outdoor humidity to stop ventilation at adjustable high and low humidity lockouts
• Control programming maintains ASHRAE 62.2-2010 even during high and low temperature limit lockouts
• Inputs for optional duct heater and motorized damper

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MD6-ES24VK S&P fresh air kit. Includes 6” motorized damper operated by the ES24V temperature/humidity monitoring controller. 24 VAC. 1 Day. In-stock $150.80
T120-24V S&P 120VAC to 24VAC transformer. For use with MD series dampers. 1 Day. In-stock $18.80
ES24V S&P Envirosense ventilation controller. 24VAC. On, off, and eco modes. 1 Day. In-stock $73.00
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Soler Palau MD6-ES24VK Damper

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#1 Q:   Could I buy the controller separately and use a motorized damper of my choosing, specifically the Suncourt ZO 208?
A:   You can buy the ES24V controller (listed on the page) and the Suncourt damper separately. You will need a Normally Closed damper (power open, 24VAC) like the ZC series (not ZO).

       Asked on 2021-09-28 by Darin
#2 Q:   Does this come in a 4 version rather than 6?
A:   Not as a kit, but all the components including a 4 inch damper will be available for sale on the site towards the end of March.

       Asked on 2019-03-14 by Dave

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