AirScape AH-4 HEPA Filtration Air Scrubber

The AirScape AH-4 HEPA is a portable air scrubber for HEPA level air filtration. Its modular design allows it to be used with multiple filter and module options. The supplied digital controller allows the fan to be run at any one of 10 speeds, and to be set to run on a timer for up to 12 hours. An optional wireless remote is available.

- Digital touch controller and optional remote
- 1200 CFM (nominal)
- MERV-11 pre-filter and H13 HEPA main filter
- 10 speed quiet direct drive fan w/ECM motor
- Aluminum double wall insulated construction
- 10 ft. power cord

The AH-4's ECM motor provides outstanding airflow as well as efficiency. The standard configuration is 2 modules:  fan module and filter module (MERV-11 pre-filter with H13 HEPA filter). The digital touch controller can be unit or remote mounted (remote mounted by default).

Special order options: galvanized steel construction, powder coating, casters, handles.  Please contact us for quantity pricing and availability.

model description usually ships 1-3 units 4+ units QTY
AH-4 HEPA AirScape AH-4 HEPA filtration unit. 115 VAC ECM motor, 10 speed controller, controller cable and mounting bracket, insulated enclosure and power cord. 1200 CFM. 0-10VDC controller and EC motor. Fan module and filter module with MERV-11 pre-filter and H13 HEPA filter. First set of filters included. Ships freight. 2-3 Weeks $1899.00 $1789.00
RC-DTC-KIT Airscape Wireless Remote Kit. Includes remote transmitter (DTC-TRANS-V1) and wireless receiver (RC-REC-V1). Full speed range and timer function. Battery operated (included). Compatible with Digital Touch Controller only. 1 Day. In-stock $79.00 $79.00
HT24 HEPA Filter AirScape HEPA Tower and AH-4 replacement main HEPA filter. 24x24x12 nominal. H13 rating with certificate. 1 filter. 1 Day. In-stock $289.00 $269.00
FA24X24X4-1FILTER 24x24x4 (23.37 x 23.37 x 3.625 Actual Size). Accumulair MERV 11 filter. 1 Day. In-stock $26.10 $23.70
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AH-4 HEPA Specification Sheet (PDF file)


Module Info:

airscape ah-4 hepa filter

airscape ah-4 hepa dimensions

airscape ah-4 hepa filter


AH-4 Side View With Discharge:

airscape ah-4 side view with discharge


AH-4 Side View With Intake Pre-Filter:

airscape ah-4 side view with intake


AH-4 H13 HEPA Filter Section:

airscape ah-4 hepa filter section


AH-4 Side View With Removed Covers:

airscape ah-4 hepa side view


AH-4 Side View With Removed Covers:

airscape ah-4 hepa covers off


H13 HEPA Filter - 12" Deep:

airscape ah-4 hepa filter


HEPA Filter Certificate (Individual for each filter):

airscape ah-4 hepa certificate

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#1 Q:   What is the weight of it?
A:   This unit is around 80 lbs.

       Asked on 2022-04-13 by Lori
#2 Q:   Do you sell replacement filters for this unit? I can not find them if so?
A:   The HEPA replacement filter is now listed on the AH-4 page for purchase. The pre-filter is a standard undercut 24x24x2 filter. You can purchase the FA24X24X2 pre-filter here:

       Asked on 2022-01-31 by Lori
#3 Q:   Are duct connections available? If so, what sizes?
A:   No duct connections at this time. The discharge has flanges you can slide a rectangular duct over. The dimensions of the discharge are: 13.215 inch Wide (O.D.), 13.543 inch High (O.D.)

       Asked on 2020-10-04 by Steve

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