AquaMotion AMH1K-3UV Pump and Valve Hot Water Recirculation System

AquaMotion AMH1K-3UV AQUA-FLASH® recirc kit for hot water tanks (non-tankless) with a single pipe. This kit does not require an electrical outlet under the sink as the pump with a built-in timer installs on top of water heater.  The by-pass valve kit installs separately under the furthest sink.  Additional AMK-UK bypass valves can be purchased for other sinks (up to 5 per pump).  

Kit includes: Stainless pump with 3/4" FNPT union, built-in timer, 10 ft. line cord, AMK-UK by-pass valve (with check valve), 2 ft. NSF hose & Tee.

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AMH1K-3UV Aquamotion Aqua-Flash Recirculation Kit For HOT WATER TANKS. Stainless steel pump installs on water heater. AMK-UK valve kit installs under the sink and does not require power. Built-in timer, 10 ft. line cord. Includes AMK-UK valve kit with 2 ft hose and tee. 1 Day. In-stock $380.30
AMK-UK Aquamotion Aqua-Flash UNIVERSAL valve kit for HOT WATER TANKS. Bronze bypass valve, 2 ft. hose & tee. Aqua-Flash has a large flow path, no screens to prevent calcium build-up. Installs on cold angle stop. 1 Day. In-stock $105.00
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AquaMotion Pump Selection Guide

AquaMotion amh1k-3uv Info

AquaMotion Recirc Kit Installation Diagram

AquaMotion AMK-UK and AMK-FK

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#1 Q:   How does one decide if the valve should be on the hot angle or the cold angle stop?
A:   They work the same. The FK model is being phased out in favor of the UK model.

       Asked on 2021-03-06 by Rock
#2 Q:   Additional AMK-FK bypass valves can be purchased for other sinks (up to 5 per pump). My question is can the bypass pressures be adjusted so when 4 sinks have bypass at varying distances (6 feet to 40 feet from tank) so that 105 temperature pump shut off does not occur until the farthest sink has hot water?
A:   The pump always runs when the timer is active. The valves will open/close as necessary to maintain temperature at their location. There is no adjustment on the valves (not necessary).

       Asked on 2021-01-27 by Randy
#3 Q:   Can this unit be activated by motion sensors in bathrooms instead of by a timer?
A:   No. This model does not offer that option.

       Asked on 2021-01-27 by Randy
#4 Q:   what would be the purpose of using either of the FMK-UK or the FMK-FK ? one installs on the Hot side and one on the Cold side but what would be the advantage of installing the valve on the cold side rather than the hot side?
A:   Use the FMK-FK with your AquaMotion system. The UK valve is universal replacement for other manufacturers valves.

       Asked on 2020-10-18 by Mark

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