AquaMotion AMH2K-7 Dedicated Return Line Water Recirculation System

The AquaMotion AMH2K-7 is designed for plumbing systems with a dedicated return line and a hot water tank (non-tankless). The pump installs into the dedicated return line at the hot water heater. It's a fully automatic stainless union pump with an Aquastat/switch, built-in timer and long tail pieces for mounting. Meets Title 24 in California. Good for up to 250 feet of pipe length. This kit has a timer for activation.

The AMH2K-7N is an on-demand version of the AMH2K-7 model system and does NOT have a timer. On-demand gives you the ability to control system activation through a switch or motion sensor. When activated, the pump shuts off after 5 minutes or when the water temperature reaches 105 F.  Additional on-demand switches, motion sensors, etc (AMK- parts below) have to be purchased to activate the pump.

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AMH2K-7 Aquamotion AquaMotionHot kit for DEDICATED RETURN LINES. Automatic activation. Up to 250 ft. of total pipe length. Includes AM7-SUV1ALT1 circulator, (2) 3/4 inch NPT male union tailpieces, built-in Aquastat (85F-104F) & built-in timer. 1 Day. In-stock $402.90
AMH2K-7N Aquamotion AquaMotionHot ON-DEMAND kit FOR DEDICATED RETURN LINES. For systems with hot water tanks. NO TIMER. Up to 250 ft. of total pipe length. AM7-SUV1ALT1 stainless union circulator and (2) 3/4 inch NPT male union tailpieces. Built-in Aquastat (85F-104F), 10 ft. line cord. ON-DEMAND SWITCHES SOLD SEPARATELY. 1 Day. In-stock $407.90
AMK-WB Aquamotion ON-DEMAND remote RF wireless control with adjustable receiver and cord. No wiring required. Up to 5 AMK-WBR or AMK-WSR or mixed per receiver. 1 Day. In-stock $112.60
AMK-MS Aquamotion ON-DEMAND wireless control kit with motion sensor and receiver. No wiring required. 9 volt battery required. Up to 5 AMK-WBR or AMK-WSR or mixed per receiver. 1 Day. In-stock $123.30
AMK-WS Aquamotion ON-DEMAND wireless wall rocker switch to turn on circulator for 5 min. Includes wireless receiver, range 100 ft. (accepts up to 5 WBR, MSR, WSR or mixed). 1 Day. In-stock $112.50
AMK-CB Aquamotion ON-DEMAND air actuated counter control kit with relay. Installed on countertop or mounted through cabinet door. 1 Day. In-stock $83.40
AMK-WBR Aquamotion ON-DEMAND additional wireless button with wall mounting bracket for AMK-WB kit. 1 Day. In-stock $53.50
AMK-MSR Aquamotion ON-DEMAND additional wireless motion detector for AMK-MS kit. 1 Day. In-stock $53.50
AMK-WSR Aquamotion ON-DEMAND additional wireless rocker switch to turn on pump. Receiver not included. 1 Day. In-stock $54.00
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#1 Q:   How much horsepower does AMH2K7N have? How long does it take to heat up a 75 ft 3/4 in line after push of button? My system is hardwired with button. Can I connect a hardwire button to this unit?
A:   Its a fractional HP motor (HP not listed by AquaMotion). 0.60 amps @ 120 VAC. For 75 ft of pipe you have less than 2 gallons of water. Assuming the mid flow rate of 6 GPM that would take around 20 seconds. In our experience its a little more than that. No, you cannot use your hardwired button. The pump needs a control that cycles power to it.

       Asked on 2021-02-22 by Ed

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