AquaMotion AMH3K-7 Under Sink Hot Water Recirculation System

The AquaMotion AMH3K-7 is designed for standard plumbing systems with hot water pipe length up to 250ft for hot water tanks (non-tankless). The kit requires no cutting of pipe but does require an electrical outlet at the sink.  Kit includes: stainless union pump with legs, 10 ft. line cord, built-in timer with 15 min. tabs, Aquastat/switch, fittings, check valves, hoses, tees.

The AMH3K-7N is an on-demand version of the AMH3K-7 model system and does NOT have a timer. On-demand gives you the ability to control system activation through a switch or motion sensor. When activated, the pump shuts off after 5 minutes or when the water temperature reaches 105 F.  Additional on-demand switches, motion sensors, etc (AMK- parts below) have to be purchased to activate the pump.

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AMH3K-7 Aquamotion AquaMotionHot kit for hot water tanks. Installs under sink. For single pipe systems with HOT WATER TANKS. Medium (250 ft) max pipe length. Includes AM7-SU1LAMT1 stainless circulator with mounting legs, union connection, 10 ft. line cord, built-In Aquastat (85F-104F), 2 BICV, built-in timer, 2 hoses & fittings. 1 Day. In-stock $394.20
AMH3K-7N Aquamotion AquaMotionHot ON-DEMAND kit for systems with HOT WATER TANKS. Medium max pipe length (250 ft. max). NO TIMER. AM7-SU1LAM stainless circulator with mounting legs, union connection, 10 ft. line cord, built-in Aquastat (85F-104F), 2 BICV, 2 hoses & fittings. ON-DEMAND SWITCHES SOLD SEPARATELY. 1 Day. In-stock $388.00
AMK-WB Aquamotion ON-DEMAND remote RF wireless control with adjustable receiver and cord. No wiring required. Up to 5 AMK-WBR or AMK-WSR or mixed per receiver. 1 Day. In-stock $117.90
AMK-MS Aquamotion ON-DEMAND wireless control kit with motion sensor and receiver. No wiring required. 9 volt battery required. Up to 5 AMK-WBR or AMK-WSR or mixed per receiver. 1 Day. In-stock $129.20
AMK-WS Aquamotion ON-DEMAND wireless wall rocker switch to turn on circulator for 5 min. Includes wireless receiver, range 100 ft. (accepts up to 5 WBR, MSR, WSR or mixed). 1 Day. In-stock $117.90
AMK-CB Aquamotion ON-DEMAND air actuated counter control kit with relay. Installed on countertop or mounted through cabinet door. 1 Day. In-stock $87.40
AMK-WBR Aquamotion ON-DEMAND additional wireless button with wall mounting bracket for AMK-WB kit. 1 Day. In-stock $56.00
AMK-MSR Aquamotion ON-DEMAND additional wireless motion detector for AMK-MS kit. 1 Day. In-stock $56.20
AMK-WSR Aquamotion ON-DEMAND additional wireless rocker switch to turn on pump. Receiver not included. 1 Day. In-stock $56.60
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#1 Q:   Have you a 12 VDC motor version of the AMH3K-7N for use in an RV?
A:   We do not. Sorry.

       Asked on 2023-05-19 by Malcolm
#2 Q:   What is the max flow rate gpm on this pump?
A:   Up to 14 GPM (no piping attached) depending on the head pressure. 6 GPM at 7.5 feet of head pressure. Here is the chart:

       Asked on 2022-01-19 by Jimmy
#3 Q:   Can you explain exactly how your AMH3K-7 works to provide instant hot water even though my tank is 40 feet way? Right now it takes a full minute to get even warm water flowing. I want this for my kitchen sink. There is a bathroom on the hot water line between my kitchen and hot water tank. Is that affected? Thank you.
A:   The pump pulls water from the water heater through the hot water line and pushes it back to the water heater using the cold water line, making a loop. Once the pump senses that hot water has arrived at its location it shuts off. It cycles on again as the hot water cools off to pull fresh warm water to its location.

       Asked on 2021-02-02 by Charles
#4 Q:   Will AMH3K-7 work OK with WH with heat traps (Bradford-White)?
A:   Yes. Heat traps are fine.

       Asked on 2021-01-16 by Ron
#5 Q:   Whats the timer for? I need a switch that will start it and ones it reches temperature to turn off by it self.
A:   The AMH3K-7 has a timer instead of on-demand switches. When the timer is active, the pump cycles as necessary to maintain temp. When the timer is inactive the pump does not cycle (stays off). Sounds like you need the AMH3K-7N which is meant to be used with on-demand switches.

       Asked on 2021-01-03 by Adrian

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