Fantech CVS Series Multi-Port Exhaust Fans

With CVS models, several exhaust points connect into one centrally located fan without the use of adapters or transitions. They have been engineered for installation in areas where space is limited. They are a popular choice for use in areas between floors in apartment buildings or high rise office complexes.

  • Slim design fits any tight space
  • 100% speed controllable
  • Internal scroll for maximum air performance
  • Suitable for airstream temperatures up to 140° F
  • HVI and cSAus Certified
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CVS 275A Fantech Multi-Port Centrifugal Fan for Central Ventilation. 2 Venting Points - 245 cfm 1 Day. In-stock $279.80
CVS 300A Fantech Multi-Port Centrifugal Fan for Central Ventilation. 4 Venting Points - 355 cfm 1 Day. In-stock $321.40
CVS 400A Fantech Multi-Port Centrifugal Fan for Central Ventilation. 4 Venting Points - 405 cfm 1 Day. In-stock $394.20
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fantech cvs specifications


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#1 Q:   Can this unit also be used for kitchen ventilation along with bathroom ventilation? I see some other brands are compatible.
A:   Its appropriate for kitchen area exhaust, but not typically used for cooktop exhaust. Those are typically dedicated, single port, fans since you should not mix airstreams by code.

       Asked on 2019-11-14 by joe
#2 Q:   I have two baths on the same circuit. How do I use each switch in each bath to control the fan on/off? Thank you.
A:   This is done with 2 timers/switches in parallel. That way any timer/switch can start the fan but both have to be off for the fan to be off. And they have to be on the same circuit like your case. Here is more on using 2 timers:

       Asked on 2017-08-05 by David
#3 Q:   how many sones does the cvs400a produce?
A:   There is no set sone rating for most inline fans as the sound will vary greatly depending on how it is installed. With 8 feet or more flex duct you can expect less than 1 sone.

       Asked on 2016-09-05 by Mark
#4 Q:   Can the multi port exhaust fans be mounted below the bathrooms like in a basement?
A:   Yes,no problem.

       Asked on 2014-08-10 by Aaron
#5 Q:   If I am using cvs series with 4 locations how does the switching work. What if fan is on from one bath and someone uses a second bath? Or all four at same time?
A:   You would need to use relays to activate the fan if the baths are on separate circuits. I would recommend calling us on a project such as this.

       Asked on 2013-04-23 by Lb

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